Revision history for Tapper

4.1       2012-10-23
        * Databases
        - refactoring to also work with PostgreSQL

        * Automation
        - scheduler 10x speedup
        - first Cobbler support
        - host blacklisting per queue

        * Tools
        - CLI consolidation/harmonization

        * Documentation
        - migrated to POD for maintainability
        - complex precondition and testplan examples

        * Misc
        - overall cleanup in sync with upstream upgrades
          * autotest 0.14.x
          * Perl 5.16
          * Catalyst 5.9

4.0     2012-05-16
        * Automation
        - better linux32 chroot/exec support
        - persistent automation layer, based on event-queues
          (Tapper::MCP, Tapper::MCP::MessageReceiver)
        - introduce SSH-connect to test without complete machine setup
        - support suspend/resume testing;
          via abstract central 'actions' to be called from remote clients
        - conditionally trigger notifications on incoming results
        - keep-alive mechanics for broken hosts
        - much better scriptability everywhere to support strangest
        - reworked TaskJuggler/Testplan bridge

        * Testsuites
        - Tapper-autotest wrapper:
           - now send+upload virtually all result details+files
           - allow use snapshots to not suffer from upstream changes
        - Tapper-autoreport: better virtualization support (probably the
          world's current best Xen/KVM host/guest detection heuristics,
        - better Perl::Formance benchmarking integration

        * Reports database
        - store attachments bzip2 compressed (optionally compress already
          existing attachments)

        * Reports API
        - allow passthrough of incoming results to 3rd party applications
          (e.g. extract benchmark results and pass them along them to external
          graph rendering - aka. "level 2 receivers")
        - more robust TAP::Archive support

        * Query API
        - easier attachment downloading
        - QueryAPI now available in testplan template to allows generate
          testruns based on older results (think of "use last successful
          aka. known-good Xen changeset for another complicated test")

        * Web GUI
        - user authentication (via PAM)
        - reworked filter framework
        - better show current scheduling state
        - configurable site customizations for non-OSRC instances

        * CLI
        - new frontend tool 'tapper'
        - more subcommands for user/notification/testplan handling
        - testplan development support

        * misc
        - better configurable control over grub entry writing
        - utils to fake/test the automation layer (Tapper::Fake)

        * hack on Tapper
        - use Dist::Zilla to author Perl libs

        * Tapper
        - zero-content lib as primary entry point for Tapper info

3.0     2011-04-08
        - for the initial Tapper feature overview (version 3) see