Template-Magic Latest Versions Changes

Version 1.4
- some deprecation warnings removed
- fixing one broken test - after some investigations in the problem
  I've concluded the test was wrong and not the code
- Sebastian Knapp <rock@ccls-online.de> is the current maintainer
  of this module 

Version 1.39
- A lot of minor fixes in the POD
- Removed the use of AUTOLOADER. Now all handlers are loaded at compile-time
- Added the warning when old -compile pragma is used
- Fixed TRACE_DELETION hash bug; added a test
- Fixed text_handlers and output_handlers bug: now they accept standard handler 
- Changed the name of the standard markers keeping backward compatibility
  Now all markers are explicitly named '*_MARKERS'

Version 1.38
- "use strict" fix for CPANTS
- Fixed Makeperl.PL (HTML::TableTiler not needed as a prerequisite)

Version 1.37
- Removed the eval block and local $SIG{__DIE__} from the TableTiler and
  the FillInForm value handlers. (now it croaks as it should on error)
  Version 1.27
- Removed the internal use of lvalue assigments incompatible with
  the perl-bug #17663 (Perl 5 Debugger doesn't handle properly lvalue
  sub assignment)

Version 1.36
- Updated prerequisites to OOTools 2, IO::Util 1.46 and HTML::TableTiler 1.21
- Fixed bug when NOT_* block was generated by a undef sub
- Little fixing in the DEFAULT_PRINT_HANDLERS
- Little revision of the Zone object
- Changed CODE handler
- Added the QuickStart.pm (Quick Start for Webmasters)
- A few minor changes

Version 1.35
- Fixed "nested lookups in INCLUDE_TEMPLATE" bug introduced in version 1.3
- Added 'include_nested_lookup.t' test

Version 1.34
- Rewritten 'load' method
- Caching now uses IO::Util 1.43 internal functions
- Changed the prerequisite IO::Util to version 1.43
- Fixed INCLUDE_TEMPLATE (container) problem with spaces at the end of label

Version 1.33
- Added 'container_template' argument to the new(), nprint() and noutput()
  methods, useult to surround the template being printed with other output
- Added container_template test
- Added 'Surrounding the output with a container template'
  in 'HOW TO...' POD section

Version 1.32
- Added direct array handling in loops (changed ARRAY handler),
- Added direct array test
- Added 'Build simple loop' in 'HOW TO...' POD section

Version 1.31
- Fixed INCLUDE_TEMPLATE bug introduced in 1.3 version
- Added INCLUDE_TEMPLATE label test
- Fixed the $Template::Magic::VERSION number (it was wrong: 1.25)

Version 1.3
- Removed deprecated 'get_block' and 'set_block' methods, removed related test
- Removed deprecated way of inclusion and related test
- Added 'paths' constructor array
- Added $ENV{TEMPLATE_MAGIC_ROOT} check for path
- Added 'find_file' method
- Changed 'load' method
- Rewritten a couple of internal methods and eliminated a few eval{}
- Added 'CODE' standard markers
- Fixed inconsistency of the container property of an included templates
- Changed the prerequisite IO::Util to version 1.26 (fixes the -T bug)

Version 1.25
- Added ignore_fields option for FillInForm handler plus relative test
- Changed the prerequisite IO::Util to version 1.25 (fixes the -T bug)

Version 1.24
- Eliminated version check and installation feedback system
  ("phone home" opt-out) from Makefile.PL to make Randal L Schwartz happy :-)
  and sad the author :-(

Version 1.23
- Fixed a REF handler bug
- Fixed a INCLUDE_TEMPLATE warning bug

Version 1.22
- Minor POD changes

Verson 1.21
- Changed Makefile.PL version check

Version 1.2
- Improved lookups for blessed objects (inheritance)
- Added OBJECT handler and related documentation
- Added $no_template_magic_zone class flag check to avoid passing the zone
  object to object methods
- Added the NOT_* automatic block handling and related documentation
  in the "HOW TO..." section
- Restored the CREDITS section in the POD (deleted by a wrong cut and paste)
- Some POD adjustments
Version 1.12
- Added explicit 'Temporary Lookups' POD section
- Changed the prerequisite IO::Util to version 1.21
- Fixed FillInForm value handler (now the labels inside the form block
  work as expected)

Version 1.11
- Changed the prerequisite IO::Util to version 1.2
- Internal changes to extend the use of IO::Util
- A few POD fixes

Version 1.1
- Substancial changes in the internal structure to allow more efficient
  object caching and destroying.
- The chache does not contain any object self reference anymore and the object
  get destroyed always when it goes out of scope, instead in global
  destruction phase (i.e. when the script exits)
- Added the perl version check to the Makefile.PL

Version 1.06
- New mailing list available at this url:
- Use of IO::Util
- Fixed File::Spec prerequisite in Makefile.PM and Bundle
- Added a couple of notes in the POD about escaping markers and magic lookups
- Fixed POD errors in the Template::Magic::Zone

Version 1.05
- Fixed test bug

Version 1.04
- Fixed typo in TableTiler handler

Version 1.03
- Fixed bug that happened when you use the same
  object to output() a template and then print() another template
- Internal changes for output() method
- Fixed 'TableTiler' handler bug

Version 1.02
- Makefile changes
- POD fixes and updates

Version 1.01
- Makefile changes

Version 1.0
- Transcription of old MagicTemplate namespace