Revision history for Template-Multilingual

1.00    2009-01-18
        add support for language subtags, e.g. en_US or en-US
        Language codes are now matched by [^<>]+ (previously \w+)

0.09    2006-07-30
        remove Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage tests

0.08    2006-11-29
        fix incorrect doc

0.07    2006-08-26
        remove Module::Signature support, does more harm than good

0.06    2005-10-31
        add support for TAG_STYLE, START_TAG and END_TAG template options,
          thanks to Birgit Kellner for pointing this out.
        Template::Multilingual::Parser::sections() is now correctly

0.05    2005-06-17
        more robust parsing; text within <t>...</t> but outside
          any <lang>..</lang> is now ignored
        add Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage tests
        improve Template::Multilingual::Parser documentation
0.04    2005-05-06
        add GPG signature using Module::Signature

0.03    2005-05-18
        LANGUAGE_VAR option selects name of language template variable

0.02    2005-04-11
        Language codes are now matched by <\w+> (previously <[a-z]{2}>)
        Improve test coverage
        Fix/improve pod

0.01    2005-04-10
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.