Revision history for Perl extension Template::Plugin::Chump.

2008-03-25 Fix Makefile
    Bring up to date

2003-10-07 Some minor fixing
	To fix a minor snafu with Template::Plugin::ShellQuote

2003-06-25 More docs, a new option

	Improved the docs. Added something so that you can
	pass in an already formed Text::Chump object.

2003-03-10 Added install and type handlers

	Fixed that pesky, not being able to install handlers
	thing. Stupid me. needed to pass a code ref that 
	returned a coderef. Doh.		

2003-03-09 Initial Release

	A lo, there was rejoicing.

	Does pretty much all the functionality from Text::Chump 
	except for allowing you to install new handlers or types.