Changelog for Term-FormatColumns

0.007 2015-02-09T02:40:20
 - fix the travis/coveralls badges
 - add fmtcol utility to format columns in the shell
 - add dzil plugin for prereqs and compile tests
 - remove root dotfiles and root ini files from dist
 - switch to dzil Git::GatherDir
 - fix contributors dependency
 - update copyright year

0.006 2015-01-02T23:29:17Z
 - remove the _ prototype to fix 5.8
 - remove s///r to allow Perl prior to 5.14
 - update module for Pod::Weaver docs
 - add authordep on Pod::Weaver::Section::Contributors
 - use updated Git::Contributors dzil plugin
 - add contributors dzil plugin for proper attribution
 - rebuild build artifacts to trigger a travis build
 - add travis-ci for testing
 - update dist.ini to current best practices
 - add missing prereqs
 - Fix whitespace errors, use qw and __END__
 - Remove unnecessary prototypes
 - Use strict and warnings
 - Add newline at end of format_columns_for_fh non-tty output
 - Ignore ANSI SGR sequences when computing string length
 - Pad lists shorter than rows * cols with empty strings
 - update weaver.ini from new skeleton
 - SurgicalPodWeaver -> PodWeaver

0.005 2014-04-08T03:08:58Z
 - fix name resolution issue with sub
 - add build artifacts from dist.ini, for easier contributions
 - update to my standard dist.ini

0.004 2013-01-11T02:48:12Z
 - update README from POD
 - clarify the docs a little bit
 - use glob in the prototype instead of scalars, recommended by Joel Berger

0.003 2013-01-11T01:20:38Z
 - update README from POD
 - add an actual test routine!
 - don't pad out the last column with unnecessary whitespace
 - add a simple compile test
 - always end with a \n
 - add format_columns_for_width in case we don't have a tty
 - update e-mail address

0.002 2012-12-30T22:30:16Z
 - updated readme from POD
 - rename the subs to be a more consistent with the module name
 - Sub::Exporter wants a list, not an arrayref

0.001 2012-12-28T04:08:00Z
 - Initial commit