Revision history for Term-GnuScreen

0.05 2013-07-26

     older moo versions fail if default is not a coderef

0.04 2013-07-22

     return from BUILD
     better error handling when command is missing
     manual code generation and no more pod-coverage ... too hard to exclude autogenerated subs
     changed Changes to follow spec
     added missing documentation for debugging
     kill must also be prefixed
     switched from Moose to Moo
     fixed documentation typos

0.03 2009-08-10T13:46:57CEST

     added github respository to META.yml
     added dependency for IPC::System::Simple as autodies relies on it when using :all

0.02 2009-08-10T11:59:36CEST

     clarify documentation on the five built-ins
     added construction parameter 'create'
     window defaults to 0 (documentation changed accordingly)
     added check for defindness of session and window (especially a window named 0 is common)

0.01 2009-08-09

     First version, released on an unsuspecting world.