Revision history for Perl extension Term::Interact.

0.40  Wed Apr 10 1:25:33 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n Term::Interact

0.41 Tue Jun 19 2002
        - upgraded documentation.
        - major simplification of the API.  Sorry, no backward
          compatability, but the new API rocks. 
        - added translate method.
        - added filetest check.
        - added various formatting parms for greater "look
          and feel" control.
        - *all* output to FH_OUT now uses format() from 
          Text::Autoformat for consistency.
        - added AUTOLOADING of get/set methods for modifying
          parameters stored in Term::Interact objects.
        - added new_check method to offload processing of
          check parms from the individual check subs.  Now
          all the check subs expect check objects, which 
          are constructed by new_check.

0.42 Tue Jun 25 2002
        - now untars correctly (into a subdirectory) instead
          of into individual files.  :-)

0.43 Thu Jul 25 2002
        - now works under cron (obviously in a non-interactive
          mode :-)
        - new method: parameters.  Can return info regarding
          available parameters, their types, and their
          defaults.  Called with no arguments, it simply
          returns a list of available parameters.
        - accessor/mutator methods enabled for all parameters. 

0.44 Thu Oct 10 2002
        - custom check functionality was broken; now fixed.
        - added 'succinct' parameter to allow less wordy
        - added 'echo' parameter to tell get method to echo
          validated input to FH_OUT before it returns.
        - added 'check_default' parameter to force validation
          of default value if it is chosen.

0.50 Thu Jan 08 2009
        - Updated test script because existing tests would no
          longer pass when doing a fresh install.  I suppose
          this was because other modules and Perl itself have
          changed a bit in the past six years!  :-)
        - Fixed a bug: the default message was being incorrectly
          constructed if a name was specified but no message was
          specified.  Added a test to cover for it.  Thanks go
          out to Dr. Henrik Seidel!