Revision history for Perl module Term::Screen

1.06 2016-12-04 JSTOWE
	- Fix for improper ordering of unexpected escapes from
	- Use direct object notation for Term::Cap constructor

1.05 2015-06-06 JSTOWE
    - Use sysread instead of getc() from
    - Set cursor visibility as per patch 
    - Set isig/-isig to stty to allow signals as per
    - Simplify Makefile.PL slightly as metacpan appears to dislike it
    - Use direct object notation for constructor in examples
    - Use strict and warnings in examples/

1.04 2015-06-05 JSTOWE
    - Now use strict and warnings, and drop use of vars.
    - Specified min version of perl in code and metadata
    - Moved to lib/Term/ as per convention
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Added github repo to metadata and pod
    - make test will work non-interactively
    - preserve exit code

1.03 2005-01-05 JSTOWE
    - Added Changes
    - Apply Stty patch for solaris from
    - Put back in CVS

1.02 2002-09-28 JSTOWE
    - Unknown changes

1.01 2001-10-30 JSTOWE
    - First release to CPAN