# ChangeLog for Test.pm dist

1.26    2013-01-16  Jesse R Vincent <jesse@bestpractical.com>
	* Bump version to a stable number. No functional changes

1.25_02 2009-06-08  Jesse R Vincent <jesse@bestpractical.com>
	* Typo fixes from Perl core
	* README updated
	* Ancient TODO removed
	* New Maintainer

2004-04-24  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
	* Release 1.25
	* added some new tests
	* Gisle Aas kindly contributes a bunch of new code that diffs
	multiline result and expectation
	* corrected some doc typoes to do with skip()
2003-04-18  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
	* Release 1.24
	* Two cosmetic fixes:  Ken Williams spotted the typo (tr/[...]//d
	for tr/...//d) that was deleting brackets in program source
	lines.  Fixed.
	* And Rob Nagler noticed that I was reporting the MacPerl
	"verison" instead of "version".  Fixed.  That's all.

2002-10-11  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
	* Release 1.23
	* Dermot Musgrove notes that I switched localtime and gmtime in
	the last dist!  Fixed.  That is all.

2002-08-28  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
	* Release 1.22
	* Doc note about the danger of "ok Foo->can('bar');", as helpfully
	noted by Schwern
	* Applied Schwern's fix for false positives with "ok 1, undef;"
2002-08-26  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
	* Release 1.21
	* I take over maintenance.
	* Lots of doc improvement and examples added.
	* More comment lines are sent to STDERR/STDOUT, noting Perl
	version and platform, noting content of line where error occurred
	when it looks interesting, etc.
	* A bit more DWIM with skip().
	* Noted in the docs that this modules is indeed being developed.
2002-02-07  Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.20
	* Failure diagnostics now go to STDERR so they show up
	  in 'make test'.
	- noted in the docs that this module is no longer being

2001-12-17  Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.19
	- Resetting globals for mod_perl testing (thanks to Stas Bekman)
 	- License change to be same as perl's

2001-07-20  Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.18
	* Now recommending Test::Simple/More in the docs
	* Removed warning about skip interface, it was a mistake
	- added mention of Pod::Tests and SelfTest
	- Test's tests no longer report "UNEXPECTEDLY SUCCEEDED"

2001-05-29  Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.17
	- protected against stray $/ and $,
	* documented ok()
	* made the regex diagnostics a bit more obvious
 	* Backported to 5.004 (if you're using the new Test::Harness)
	* Included the VMS fix for ok()

2001-02-16  Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>

	* Release 1.16

	* Taken over maintenance from Joshua.  Altered AUTHOR appropriately.
	  Blame me.

	* t/fail.t was failing on Windows because the filename was
	  hardcoded in the test (its t\fail.t on Windows).  NOT A BUG!

2000-11-22  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.15.

	* Fix documentation. (crt@kiski.net)

1999-06-21  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.14.

	* Port back to 5.004_05.

1999-05-07  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.13.

	* Handle undef without triggering warnings.  Added tests.

1998-11-29  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.122.

	* Make Test.pm 7-bit clean.  (Sarathy)

1998-11-23  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Allow customization of 'skip' reason.  Improved tests.

1998-11-17  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.11.

	* Add 5.005 dependency to Makefile.PL.

1998-11-12  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.10.

	* Support qr//.

1998-10-15  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua.pritikin@db.com>

	* Release 1.09.

	* Better diagnostics for failed todo tests.

	* Document return value.

1998-08-21  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua@eq1062.wks.na.deuba.com>

	* Version 1.08.

	* Documentation tweaks.

1998-08-21  Joshua Pritikin  <joshua@eq1062.wks.na.deuba.com>

	* Version 1.07.

	* Send all output to $TESTOUT.

	* Removed all failures from the test suite.  More work is still
 	needed but this is a start.

	* Moved $ntest to @EXPORT_OK from @EXPORT.

	* Instead of printing bits to STDERR, now all output goes to