Revision history for 'Test-Approx' Perl module

All changes by Steve Purkis, unless otherwise noted.

    +	After a discussion on cpan ratings with نديم الخمير, is_approx() is now
	a wrapper that does basic checks to decide which sub to call.  Not yet
	plugin-friendly, but it will be easy to convert it as needed.
    +	now handles numbers (& ints) as well as strings.  New API methods:
	is_approx_num(), is_approx_int() & is_approx_str().
    *	fixed a weird bug using POSIX::strtod():
	$dist = 0.05; $threshold = 0.05; $dist <= $threshold; # false ??!?

    ?	not sure what changed in this release

    +	created Thurs Apr 24 2008