Revision history for Test-Data-Split

0.2.1   2018-01-19
    - Convert to the @SHLOMIF dzil PluginBundle.

v0.2.0  2016-04-22
    - Now passing the data to contents_cb so it can be serialised into the
    - Add Test::Data::Split::Backend::ValidateHash .

v0.0.4  2016-01-02
    - Fix an erroneous List::MoreUtils::notall call in the hash backend.
        - It was introduced in the latest release.
        - It was not caught by the test, but was caught by a failed run
        of fc-solveā€™s Travis-CI build (and later the local build).
            - Thanks to Travis-CI!
        - Tests were fixed to catch it in the future.

v0.0.3  2016-01-01
    - Move a costly sanity check of notall from the constructor into
        - This way lookup_data may run faster.

v0.0.2  2015-04-28
    - Specify minimum version of perl
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee
    - Add provides to META.yml.
        - CPANTS / Kwalitee

v0.0.1  2014-10-23
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world