Revision history for Test-Deep-DateTime-RFC3339

0.04  2014-07-29 12:53:28 PDT
        - Gracefully handle formatting $got when it's not a parseable string
        - Better tests of failure diagnostics

0.03  2014-07-24 15:17:12 PDT
        - Minor POD fix for link

0.02  2014-07-24 15:14:22 PDT
        [INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE (not that anyone is using this yet...)]

        - Tolerance strings are now of the style 5s, 1h 5m, 2d, etc instead of
          HH:MM:SS.  This replaces DateTime::Format::Duration with
          DateTime::Format::Duration::DurationString since the former's implementation is
          insane and not as useful anyway.  The latter does bring in
          Any::Moose, but I'm hoping to submit a patching switching to Moo soon.

0.01  2014-07-24 14:37:03 PDT
        - Initial release