Revision history for Test-Deep=UnorderedPairs

0.005     2015-06-07 01:21:53Z
          - fix PAUSE indexing issue due to missing $VERSIONs in supplementary

0.004     2015-06-07 00:40:12Z
          - diagnostic messages are fixed so they include the name of the sub
            used, rather than always using "tuples"

0.003     2013-05-21 06:06:32Z
          - properly handle testing of lists where tuple keys are repeated

0.002     2013-05-20 15:54:13Z
          - fix tests that would not run on perls pre-5.9.5 because
            re::is_regexp was not available

0.001     2013-05-19 03:37:48Z
          - Initial release.