0.27   2019-01-19

- If test_all_dependents() cannot find anything that depends on the given
  module it runs `plan( skip_all => ... )` rather than `plan(0)`. The latter
  causes the test to fail. While this should never really happen in normal use
  it can be an issue when MetaCPAN is having problems (such as

- Explicitly add JSON::PP to our prereqs. This seems to fix an issue with
  testing on Perl 5.10.1. This module is needed by something in our dependency
  chain but it doesn't get installed.

0.26   2015-11-07

- The previous release only had a partial fix for failures to resolve distro
  names. This release fixes this more completely.

0.25   2015-11-07

- This module would die when it couldn't turn a dependent module name into a
  distro. Now it outputs a diag() message and continues on.

0.24   2015-10-04

- When test_all_dependents() is called, deps are now sorted before testing.

- The prereqs log now tells shows you the "root" distribution when installing
  prereqs of prereqs. This makes it easier to figure out which dependent is
  pulling in some uninstallable module.

0.23   2015-10-04

- Use diag to print the name of each distribution before it is tested. This is
  helpful if a particular distro hangs during the build or test phases.

0.22   2015-08-21

- The test_all_dependents() sub now lets you pass a filter subroutine instead
  of an exclude regex. This is a lot simpler to implement in many cases.

0.21   2015-07-17

- If PERL_TEST_DM_CPAN_VERBOSE was true and Test::More had not been loaded in
  the process you would get an error. GH #9.

0.20   2014-08-31

- The use of MetaCPAN::Client was a bit broken. Patch by Sawyer X. PR #8.

0.19   2014-06-26

- Switched from the now deprecated MetaCPAN::API to the shiny new
  MetaCPAN::Client. Patch by Mickey. PR #7.

0.18   2014-05-04

- A distro which used Module::Build and ran no tests would be marked as
  failure. Fixed by Graham Knop.

- Under debug mode, the output from the CPAN module's init phase is no longer
  output via diag() calls. Patch by Graham Knop.

- Better handling of module prereqs which in turn share prereqs with the
  module we're installing. Patch by Graham Knop.

0.17   2013-07-13

- Packaging fixes so CPAN ignores our test corpus modules. Patch by Graham

0.16   2013-07-13

- Distros where all tests are skipped or where no tests exist are considered
  as passing. Previously they were a failure. Fixed by Graham Knopp.

- Added some real tests. Written by Graham Knopp.

0.15   2013-05-13

- The change in 0.14 broke non-parallel testing in the test_modules()
  subroutine. This was my fault, not Graham's. Reported by Graham Knopp.

0.14   2013-03-13

- Fix a bug where the value of $_ in a loop could be overwritten in
  test_modules. Patch by Graham Knopp.

0.13   2012-04-19

- Use MetaCPAN to look up reverse dependencies instead of CPANDB. Patch by
  Jesse Luehrs.

- Silence all of the test running and installing. Patch by Jesse Luehrs.

- Avoid dying on avoidable errors (turn them into test fails or skips as
  appropriate). Patch by Jesse Luehrs.

- Use Test::Builder instead of Test::More so $TODO works properly. Also, mark
  todo tests in the log files. Patch by Jesse Luehrs.

- The test_module sub now also initializes the log files. Patch by Jesse

- A distro's configure_requires prereqs are now respected. Patch by Jesse

0.12   2011-07-20

- Logging was broken when using multiple processes. The prereq log file would
  end up appearing under multiple names (potentially one per process), and the
  files were not locked for writing in each process.

- The directory to which prereqs were installed got cleaned out after each
  process exited when running multiple processes, which often caused false
  failures for modules being tested.

0.11   2011-04-21

- Forcibly reload the CPAN index each time this module runs tests. This gives
  you the best chance of finding the most reecent version of a dependent

0.10   2011-04-21

- Test output now includes the distribution id rather than just a module name,
  meaning you can see the distro version in the ok line.

0.09   2011-04-12

- Parallel testing caused bad test output when a test was skipped because a
  module could not be found on CPAN.

- The output from running a distro's Makefile.PL/Build.PL could stomp on the
  TAP output when running tests in parallel. We now simply close STDOUT when
  running this step, which is less than ideal, but fixes the breakage.

0.08   2011-04-12

- This module can now run tests in parallel if you have Parallel::ForkManager
  installed. See the docs for details.

- The test_module() sub has been deprecated in favor a new sub,
  test_modules(). If you use test_module(), you can't ever run tests in

- We now defer loading CPAN.pm and related modules until tests are
  running. This avoids the possibility of CPAN prompting for config if
  Test::DependentModules is loaded but not actually used.

0.07   2010-07-15

- Include author id in status line.

0.06   2010-07-14

- Ignore cargo-culted diag() output that's present in many modules, looking
  like this:

    # Testing Foo::Bar 0.01, Perl 5.00801, /usr/bin/perl

  This was being treated as a warning, but it can safely be ignored.

0.05   2009-12-12

- Renamed the test_all_my_deps function to test_all_dependents.

0.04   2009-12-12

- Renamed to Test::DependentModules, since as Jesse Luehrs pointed out, we're
  not testing our dependencies, we're testing things that depend on us.

- All environment variables names starting with PERL_TEST_MD now start with

- In some weird inexplicable case, testing a module seemed to somehow trigger
  File::Temp's cleanup routine too early, deleting the temp dir containing
  temporary prereq installations. Test::MyDeps now manages its temp dir

- Changed how logging works. There are now three log files created, and you
  specify a log _directory_, not a file, via the

0.03   2009-12-12

- Added missing prereq on IO::Handle::Util

0.02   2009-12-12

- Fixed test_all_my_deps so the exclude parameter actually works.

- The PERL5LIB var did not include the temp dir containing temporarily
  installed second+ level depenencies.


0.01   2009-12-12

- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.