ETHER / Test-DistManifest-1.012 / Changes

1.012     2012-04-22 13:45:02 America/Vancouver

          Now taking default MANIFEST.SKIP content directly from installed
          version of ExtUtils::Manifest, rather than inlining a copy (Karen

1.011     2011-04-24 12:43:21 America/Toronto

          (Previously released as 1.010-TRIAL)

          Migrate package to Dist::Zilla

          Drop a bunch of apparently-unnecessary dependencies. Now only
          support Perl 5.8.0+

1.009     2009-12-28

          Fixes tests so that the "default MANIFEST.SKIP" test is not run;
          this could fail when the default MANIFEST.SKIP provided by
          ExtUtils::Manifest doesn't cover special directories like debian/
          (Debian metadata)

1.008     2009-12-28

          Updated POD

1.007     2009-12-22

          Update skip info in t/circular (hopefully this fixes failures)

1.006     2009-12-21

          Update MANIFEST.SKIP according to new defaults provided by

          Cleaned up some documentation issues

          Use the default MANIFEST.SKIP if ours can't be parsed

          Updated tests to match new behaviour

          Remove pass-through Build.PL

1.005     2009-10-12

          Fix the dist (don't overwrite the Changes file)

1.004     2009-10-11

          Changed my mail address to

          Update MANIFEST.SKIP to include MYMETA.yml (prevents test failure)

1.003     2009-08-20

          Remove generated files from the repository

          Use a simple string version, per David Golden's article:

          No longer use Perl::Critic to test

          Remove modules available in core since Perl 5.6 from requires

          Move CIRCULAR.SKIP and MANIFEST.EXTRA into t/

1.2.3     2009-07-25

          Added coverage information

          Rewrote LICENSE and README slightly

          Updated the checkmanifest.t example file and synopsis, it now
          checks Alias' flags (AUTOMATED_TESTING, RELEASE_TESTING)
          rather than TEST_AUTHOR

          No longer test Perl::Critic during AUTOMATED_TESTING, only
          only RELEASE_TESTING. Thanks to Elliot Shank for the
          discussion in a private mail.

          No more versioned dependency on

          Use a generic README, no longer produce one

          Changed critic.rc to ignore PodSpelling policy (fixes a bug
          in Debian, BTS#538115 -- when Pod::Spell and other
          dependencies are installed)

          Disable "one dot only" in filenames (portability test). This
          breaks compatibility with OpenVMS.

          Updated perlcriticrc with new preferences, removed "no critic"
          stuff for those in Test/

          Added copyleft statements to test files

          Minor documentation fix

          Small POD fix

1.2.2     2009-05-15

          Minor problem forgetting to bump one of the version numbers
          in META.yml

          Adjusted dependencies - changed minimum version dependency
          to Test::Builder 0.72 and version 0.74, which are core modules
          in Perl 5.10

1.2.1     2009-05-14

          Moved some small changes from MANIFEST.SKIP to CIRCULAR.SKIP

          This release is particularly important to get rid of Win32
          test failures, where `Build.bat' is created instead of `Build'

1.2.0     2009-05-14

          Updated t/03warn-only.t test with new semantics (always fail
          if parsing fails)

          Note that circular dependencies and parsing errors will
          always be considered fatal, regardless of the setting

          Suppress refactoring requirement - even though manifest_ok
          is really complex, it doesn't make sense to exist in separate

          Added new feature for nonfatal errors (see updated POD)

1.1.4     2009-04-26

          Added .tmp to MANIFEST.SKIP

          Added Build.bat to MANIFEST.SKIP for Win32 builds...

1.1.3     2009-04-23

          Added Win32 compatibility code. Closes the Win32 compatibility
          bug (RT#44401)

          Updated Build.PL

          Added META.yml

          Changed to a passthrough Makefile instead of a classic one

          Updated version dependency for

          Removed use of Test::Prereq, because it needs to use CPAN
          to do its work

          Fix OS detection routines

          Modified the module so that it works portably (even with
          Win32, and other platforms File::Spec supports)

1.1.2     2009-03-14

          Updated prerequisite information in Build.PL and META.yml

          Add a more thorough description for the POD

          Fix dependencies in Build.PL and META.yml

          Clarified licensing restrictions

          CIRCULAR.SKIP became out of sync with the real MANIFEST.SKIP,
          and so was causing problems with debian/

1.1.1     2009-03-12

          Added "^debian/" as a mask for MANIFEST.SKIP. This is where
          Debian package control files go, and so should not be
          considered part of the package. Hopefully this won't break
          anything :-)

1.1.0     2009-03-12

          Modified Changelog name to "Changes" (instead of CHANGES)

          Updated Makefile.PL

          Added a test for circular dependencies (those that exist in
          both MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP) -- thanks Apocalypse!

          Updated the POD and the README to reflect this repository's

          Fixed version number in META.yml -> numeric "1.001000" style
          version numbering, to get around bugs

          Replaced PerlCritic's POD section to enforce 'LICENSE'
          instead of 'COPYRIGHT' (which is used by CPANTS/Kwalitee)

          Removed Test::NoWarnings from the Signature test, which
          throws warnings on purpose.

1.0       2008-12-25

          Initial release

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