Revision history for Test-DistManifest

1.014     2015-02-11 01:07:40Z
          - fix tests that fail when ExtUtils::Manifest's version is not new
            enough for the build output during installation (RT#102017)

1.013     2015-02-08 22:42:43Z
          - tests are now made against a small sample dist, rather than
            ourselves, to avoid errors with newer ExtUtils::MakeMaker, as well
            as enable running in the raw git repository (RT#78760, RT#101287)
          - many tooling and metadata updates

1.012     2012-04-22 20:45:02Z
          - Now taking default MANIFEST.SKIP content directly from installed
            version of ExtUtils::Manifest, rather than inlining a copy (Karen

1.011     2011-04-24 16:43:21Z (previously released as 1.010-TRIAL)
          - Migrate package to Dist::Zilla
          - Drop a bunch of apparently-unnecessary dependencies. Now only
            support Perl 5.8.0+

1.009     2009-12-28
          - Fixes tests so that the "default MANIFEST.SKIP" test is not run;
            this could fail when the default MANIFEST.SKIP provided by
            ExtUtils::Manifest doesn't cover special directories like debian/
            (Debian metadata)

1.008     2009-12-28
          - Updated POD

1.007     2009-12-22
          - Update skip info in t/circular (hopefully this fixes failures)

1.006     2009-12-21
          - Update MANIFEST.SKIP according to new defaults provided by
          - Cleaned up some documentation issues
          - Use the default MANIFEST.SKIP if ours can't be parsed
          - Updated tests to match new behaviour
          - Remove pass-through Build.PL

1.005     2009-10-12
          - Fix the dist (don't overwrite the Changes file)

1.004     2009-10-11
          - Changed my mail address to
          - Update MANIFEST.SKIP to include MYMETA.yml (prevents test failure)

1.003     2009-08-20
          - Remove generated files from the repository
          - Use a simple string version, per David Golden's article:
          - No longer use Perl::Critic to test
          - Remove modules available in core since Perl 5.6 from requires
          - Move CIRCULAR.SKIP and MANIFEST.EXTRA into t/

1.2.3     2009-07-25
          - Added coverage information
          - Rewrote LICENSE and README slightly
          - Updated the checkmanifest.t example file and synopsis, it now
            checks Alias' flags (AUTOMATED_TESTING, RELEASE_TESTING)
            rather than TEST_AUTHOR
          - No longer test Perl::Critic during AUTOMATED_TESTING, only
            only RELEASE_TESTING. Thanks to Elliot Shank for the
            discussion in a private mail.
          - No more versioned dependency on
          - Use a generic README, no longer produce one
          - Changed critic.rc to ignore PodSpelling policy (fixes a bug
            in Debian, BTS#538115 -- when Pod::Spell and other
            dependencies are installed)
          - Disable "one dot only" in filenames (portability test). This
            breaks compatibility with OpenVMS.
          - Updated perlcriticrc with new preferences, removed "no critic"
            stuff for those in Test/
          - Added copyleft statements to test files
          - Minor documentation fix
          - Small POD fix

1.2.2     2009-05-15
          - Minor problem forgetting to bump one of the version numbers
            in META.yml
          - Adjusted dependencies - changed minimum version dependency
            to Test::Builder 0.72 and version 0.74, which are core modules
            in Perl 5.10

1.2.1     2009-05-14
          - Moved some small changes from MANIFEST.SKIP to CIRCULAR.SKIP
          - This release is particularly important to get rid of Win32
            test failures, where `Build.bat' is created instead of `Build'

1.2.0     2009-05-14
          - Updated t/03warn-only.t test with new semantics (always fail
            if parsing fails)
          - Note that circular dependencies and parsing errors will
            always be considered fatal, regardless of the setting
          - Suppress refactoring requirement - even though manifest_ok
            is really complex, it doesn't make sense to exist in separate
          - Added new feature for nonfatal errors (see updated POD)

1.1.4     2009-04-26
          - Added .tmp to MANIFEST.SKIP
          - Added Build.bat to MANIFEST.SKIP for Win32 builds...

1.1.3     2009-04-23
          - Added Win32 compatibility code. Closes the Win32 compatibility
            bug (RT#44401)
          - Updated Build.PL
          - Added META.yml
          - Changed to a passthrough Makefile instead of a classic one
          - Updated version dependency for
          - Removed use of Test::Prereq, because it needs to use CPAN
            to do its work
          - Fix OS detection routines
          - Modified the module so that it works portably (even with
            Win32, and other platforms File::Spec supports)

1.1.2     2009-03-14
          - Updated prerequisite information in Build.PL and META.yml
          - Add a more thorough description for the POD
          - Fix dependencies in Build.PL and META.yml
          - Clarified licensing restrictions
          - CIRCULAR.SKIP became out of sync with the real MANIFEST.SKIP,
            and so was causing problems with debian/

1.1.1     2009-03-12
          - Added "^debian/" as a mask for MANIFEST.SKIP. This is where
          - Debian package control files go, and so should not be
          - considered part of the package. Hopefully this won't break
            anything :-)

1.1.0     2009-03-12
          - Modified Changelog name to "Changes" (instead of CHANGES)
          - Updated Makefile.PL
          - Added a test for circular dependencies (those that exist in
            both MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP) -- thanks Apocalypse!
          - Updated the POD and the README to reflect this repository's
          - Fixed version number in META.yml -> numeric "1.001000" style
            version numbering, to get around bugs
          - Replaced PerlCritic's POD section to enforce 'LICENSE'
            instead of 'COPYRIGHT' (which is used by CPANTS/Kwalitee)
          - Removed Test::NoWarnings from the Signature test, which
            throws warnings on purpose.

1.0       2008-12-25
          - Initial release