Revision history for Test-File-Contents

0.23  2016-03-16T17:09:37Z
      - Fix encoding errors when reading in a file on Windows with `utf8`
        enabled. See for the
        bug we've worked around.

0.22  2016-03-02T23:54:26Z
      - Adjusted tests to account for change in output of Text::Diff 1.44.
        They still pass with earlier versions of Text::Diff.
      - Removed Pod tests from the distribution.

0.21    2013-04-12
      - Require Test::Pod 1.41 for Pod tests. Fixes test failures due to the
        use of the `L<text|scheme>` Pod syntax diallowed in earlier versions
        of Test::Pod.
      - Eliminated "v-string in use/require non-portable" warning on Perl

0.20    2011-02-18
      - Now require Perl 5.8.3 or higher. 5.8 has effectively been the
        required Perl all along thanks to the dependency on Digest::MD5.
      - Added encoding option, to make sure that files are read in their
        proper encoding.
      - Significant refactoring; only visible change should be that the
        actualy MD5 checksum will no longer be included in the `file_md5sum`
        failure diagnostics.
      - Renamed `file_md5sum` to `file_md5sum_is`. The old name remains as an
        alias for backwards compatibility.
      - Renamed `file_contents_identical` to `files_eq`. The old name remains
        as an alias for backwards compatibility.
      - Added `file_contents_eq_or_diff()` and `files_eq_or_diff()`.

0.10    2011-02-18
      - Maintainership taken by David E. Wheeler.
      - Removed `examples/`, since it wouldn't run anyway.
      - Added prototypes to the test functions.
      - Failure diagnostics now appear after the failure message, rather than
      - Renamed `file_contents_is` and `file_contents_isnt` to
        `file_contents_eq` and `file_contents_ne`, respectively. The old names
        remain as aliases for backwards compatibility.
      - Reworked default test descriptions to include the names of the files
        being tested.
      - Wordsmithed some of the diagnostic messages.

0.05    2007-03-20
      - Packaging fixes. No functional changes.

0.04    2005-10-26
      - Small tweaks to the packaging, mostly for CPANTS.  No functional

0.03    2006-01-20
      - Added file_contents_isnt and file_contents_unlike and made file
        access OS-neutral (contributed by David Wheeler).

0.02    2004-08-25
      - Minor packaging fixes.

0.01    2004-08-25
      - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.