Revision history for Perl extension Test::Files.

0.14 Wed Mar 28 10:14:05 CDT 2007
    - Removed use Test::More from Test::Files package, which was causing
      chatter during TODO tests that confused the harness.
      Thanks to Julien Beasley for pointing out the problem and to
      Schwern for sending the patch.

Apologies to all CPAN users for omitting the following change entry from
the 0.13 distribution.

0.13 Wed Feb 14 09:45:54 CST 2007
    - Added file_filter_ok, like the other filter functions.

0.12 Wed Mar  1 16:35:30 PST 2006
    Thanks to Robin Barker for help with all of the changes for this release.
    - Added solaris to the list of unix style operating systems in tests 06
      and 07.
    - Altered the wanted sub in dir_only_contains_ok to test more carefully
      for the base directory (which should be skipped).
    - Corrected base_dir skip test in compare_dirs_only_ok.  A recent
      change in File::Spec invalidated the old approach.

0.11  Mon Nov  7 17:01:59 CST 2005
    - Added Algorithm::Diff to the prereq list in Makefile.PL (Text::Diff
      already requires it, but I wanted to make it more explicit).
    - Corrected docs to explain that compare_dirs_ok and
      compare_dirs_filter_ok compare files from the first directory (and
      its sub dirs) to files in the second directory.  Files missing from
      the second directory are noted, but files missing from the first
      directory are not.  Callers should combine this test with
      dir_contains_ok or dir_contains_only-ok, if they want to ensure
      that the first directory is complete.

0.10  Mon Sep  5 10:57:12 CDT 2005
    - Converted to File::Spec inside the module and in the test suite.
    - Added compare_filter_ok which works like compare_dirs_filter_ok,
      but for single comparisons.
    - Added documentation to make clear that this module uses Text::Diff
      to report tables of diff output when text contents of files it is
      comparing differ.

0.05  Mon Oct 20 15:13:50 CDT 2003
    - Corrected diagnostic output in compare_dirs* so that each missing file
      is listed on its own line.  Previously, they were juxtaposed on one
      line, including very pleasant #'s for decoration.
    - Changed so none of the tests report timestamps.  Some OSes
      (notably Solaris) translated the timestamps, probably to deal with
      time zones.  I am explicitly deciding that timestamps do not count
      in file comparisons.  If you need to test timestamps, use -M etc.
      Remember that the person installing your module won't always be in
      your timezone.
    - Corrected tests to reflect the removal of time stamps from file_ok
    - Sorted the list of missing files in compare_dirs* so that I can test
      the error message (and the new vesion is neater).

0.04  Fri Oct 17 09:14:20 CDT 2003
    - Added compare_dirs_filter_ok which works like compare_dirs_ok, but sends
      each line of input through a caller supplied filter function first.
      This allows you to remove things like timestamps which though different
      should not count as failure.
    - Refactored to avoid code duplication in the compare_dirs* functions.
    - On advice from Schwern, converted tests to use the very nice
      Test::Builder::Tester.  This made the tests nicer and easier to work
      on, but had no affect on the code.
    - Improved the documentation (well I think it as in improvement)

0.03  Wed Oct 15 10:02:49 CDT 2003
    - Made various refactorings to increase code reuse.
    - Changed from using Test::Differences to using Text::Diff.  This has
      two advantages:
      1. It makes it slightly easier to have the location of the error
         correctly reported when a test fails.
      2. It enables compares_dirs_ok which needs to compare lots of files
         while reporting a single error.
    - Added compare_dirs_ok which compares all files in a pair of directory,
      failing with diff diagnostics if any disagree.

0.02  Mon Oct 13 15:03:17 CDT 2003
    - Added dir_contains_ok which checks a directory for the presence of
      named files.
    - Added dir_only_contains_ok which makes sure that a directory has
      exactly a specified list of elements, nothing more or less.
      This is a bit awkward since you must currently list subdirectories
      explicitly, lest they show up in the list of unexpectedly seen files.
    - Corrected diagnostic output so it works like other Test:: modules.
      Previously, I had folded some error output into the test name

0.01  Thu Oct  9 13:14:55 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AXn Test::Files -b 5.6.0