Revision history for Perl extension Test::HTML::Content.

0.09 20130206
  - Apply patch from RT 70099, by gregor herrmann and dom
    This fixes bugs in the test suite
      < /bugreport.cgi?bug=636520>
      and RT 70099
  - Apply patch from RT 42072 by
    This fixes the crash when using XML::XPath instead of XML::LibXML

0.08 20081112

0.07 20031230
  - Fixed test bug reported by Kate Pugh (KAKE):
    t/09-errors.xpath.t was missing a SKIP: label
  - still no resolution on the other reported errors, as XML::XPath "works"
    on my Win32 machine, but dosen't work elsewhere :-(
    Most of the failures seem to be failures due to different text output
    of the tests:
    # #   <p foo="bar" />
    # #   <p foo="bar"/>

    but as I can't replicate them here, it's hard to fix those :-(

0.08 20081112
  + Added $parsing_method to allow XML to be tested as well.

0.06 20031222
  - Fixed tests against XML::XPath
  - added another test testing the internal abstraction
    API and differences between XML::XPath and XML::LibXML

0.05 20031204
  - Added XPath functionality (xpath_ok, no_xpath, xpath_count)
  - Added fallback to old functionality if neither XML::LibXML nor
    XML::XPath are available
  - refactored code to have less duplication, at the cost of
    some functions passed as parameters (this shouldn't bother you,
    as it is all hidden)

0.04 lost in the void

0.03  Mon Sep 23 2002
  - Fixed Pod (Thanks to Andy Lester)
  - Added a test for the synopsis (Thanks to Andy Lester)
  - Added a test for Pod consistency (Thanks to Andy Lester and brian d foy)
  - Added text_ok(), no_text() and text_count()
  - Fixed reporting of errors to the correct level. Errors now
    get reported in your test file instead of somewhere within

0.02  Sun Sep 22 2002
  - Renamed from Test::HTML to Test::HTML::Content
  - Added warnings for the module again, if available
  - Fixed inconsistencies between usage of
    HTML::Parser v2 and HTML::Parser v3 (as displayed through

0.01  Wed Sep 18 13:53:54 2002
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options
    -X Test::HTML