Revision history for Perl extension Test::HTML::Form.

0.05 Apr 20 2010
	comments no longer stripped
        no longer passing undecoded utf to HTML::Parser, so no more complaints about it producing garbage
	added new 'script_matches' function as HTML::Treebuilder will strip contents of script tags and this provides a workaround

0.04 Jan 13 2009
	tag_matches handles one or more tags to match
	link_matches a or link tags
	removed duplicate tag_matches function (how did that get there?)

0.03 November 26 2009
	Improvements to POD
	Fixed cases where matching multiple form elements of same name

0.02  June 16 2009
        Updated to take http response object as well as filename
        Changed method names to be clearer

0.01  Mon Jan 19 20:18:40 2009
	Initial version based on inhouse development