Revision history for Test-HTML-Spelling

v0.3.7   2014-08-16

       - Fixed license in Makefile.PL to make CPANTS happy.

v0.3.6   2004-06-18

       - Clean namespace.

v0.3.5   2014-06-04

       - Fixed bug in distribution that required the missing xt

v0.3.4   2014-06-04

       - Tweaked MANIFEST.SKIP rules.

       - Updated bugtracker URL in metadata.

       - Removed QA tests from the distribution.

       - Removed unnecessary dependency from Makefile.PL.

v0.3.3   2014-02-18

       - Updated README.

       - Minor POD markup tweaks.

v0.3.2   2014-02-18

       - Made Moose attributes lazy [Rusty Conover].

       - Ignore numbers separated by digits, e.g. "2013-2014"
         [Rusty Conover and Robert Rothenberg].

v0.3.1  2014-02-03

       - Updated POD formatting.

       - Fixed outdated POD that referred to self as a requirement.

       - Changed dependency from Readonly to Const::Fast and updated
         POD accordingly (GitHub#4).

       - Cleaned up Changes file formatting (GitHub#3).

v0.3.0  2013-12-30

       - Removed dependency on the "self" module (GitHub#2)

       - Tweaks to the POD spelling test

       - Reformatted Changes file (GitHub#3)

       - Updated README accordignly.

v0.2.2  2013-12-30

       - Removed MYMETA files from distribution (RT#89125)

       - Added SEE ALSO section to POD (GitHub#1)

v0.2.1  2012-12-16

	- Removed example tests that were causing problems for some
          users. (These tests were meant for developers anyway.)

v0.2.0  2012-12-15

       - Added tests.

       - Added REQUIREMENTS section to POD for Pod::Readme and marked
	 sections to be skipped for Pod::Readme.

       - Added support for multiple spellers paramaterized by

       - Added checks for the lang attribute to use the appropriate
         speller for the language.

       - Updated POD appropriately.

v0.1.1  2012-11-29

       - Added test for POD spelling.

       - Moved QA tests into 'xt' directory.

       - QA tests all require RELEASE_TESTING variable to be set.

       - Developer tests require DEVELOPER_TESTING variable to be set.

       - Reformatted Changes.

       - Changed module to use Test::Builder::Module as a base
	 as is recommended in Test::Builder.
	 Updated Makefile.PL requirements accordingly. (Thanks to
	 Murray Walker for noticing this.)

       - Added check_spelling method.

       - Updated POD.

v0.1.0  2012-11-24

       - First prototype released on GitHub.