Revision history for Perl extension Test-JsonAPI-Autodoc

0.22 2015-05-30T03:53:42Z

    - Fix bug about multi-byte characters (@satetsu888++)

0.21 2015-02-27T04:32:13Z

    - Force to sort order of a response parameters of generated API documentations (@meru-akimbo).

0.20 2014-01-12T15:34:11Z

    - Change to return the response by test methods
    - Result of the test became pretty! (@y-uuki++)
    - Add some types into description of request parameters (@y-uuki++)
    - Change to describable request parameters (EXPERIMENTAL!)

0.11 2013-11-04T13:50:46Z

    - Update default markdown template
    - Add some samples
    - Change inner structure of module

0.10 2013-11-03T14:53:37Z

    - Support `Plack::Test`
    - Fix tiny bugs
    - Improve markdown template

0.06 2013-11-02T17:32:20Z

    - Add documents.
    - Fix some bugs.

0.01 2013-11-01T20:10:07Z

    - original version