LectroTest Change Log
Tom Moertel (tom@moertel.com)

* 0.5001   (2013-05-14)

- Update Changes file.

* 0.5000   (2013-05-15)

- Remove signature test.

- Stop using UNIVERSAL->import (fixes #66114).
  Thanks Nicholas Bamber (SILASMONK) for the patch.

- Add prototype to silence warning (fixes #85281).
  Thanks to Petr Pisar for pointing out the problem.

- Minor tweaks to whitespace

* 0.3600   (2007-08-30)

** Misc

- Test suite for generators now emits notice that a failure may
  not indicate a real problem.  (rt.cpan.org #28203; thanks ANDK)

- Minor typo fixes in the documentation.

* 0.3500   (2006-05-31)

** Improvements

- Added failure recording and playback, which is great for building
  regression-testing suites and for recording failures in the wild.
  Both Test::LectroTest and Test::LectroTest::Compat take the
  following options:

  - playback_failures => file
  - record_failures => file
  - regressions => file

  The first tells LT to use the prerecorded failures in the given file
  for playback during testing, *in addition to* the normal randomly
  generated cases.  The second tells LT to record any failures that
  occur during testing.  The failures will be written to the given
  file.  The third is a shorthand for setting the first two options to
  the same file.  It is a more readable way to declare your intent to
  build up and use a persistent regressions file.

  These options are documented more fully in the docs for

** Misc

- I'm now using Module::Signature to sign the Test::LectroTest

* 0.3400   (2006-01-18)

** Improvements

- $tcon->dump( val, ... ) now returns val as its result so that
  the method call can be used to record values in passing.

- Added Pod and Pod-coverage tests.  Tweaked the code to satisfy them.

* 0.3300   (2005-07-20)

** Fixes

- Test::LectroTest can now be listed as a dependency in an
  ExtUtils::MakeMaker Makefile.PL.  (Thanks Steffen Müller)

** Misc

- Minor documentation tweaks for clarity.

- Minor code clean ups.

* 0.3200   (2005-03-03)

** Improvements

- You can now attach notes and variable dumps to trials.  In the
  event the trial fails, the notes will be emitted as part of the
  counterexample to aid in debugging.
      See Test::LectroTest::TestRunner::testcontroller for the
  documentation on the new $tcon->note() and $tcon->dump() methods.

- Strings in counterexamples are now printed in double-quoted form.
  This makes it easy to see invisibles.

* 0.3100   (2005-02-19)

- This release is identical to 0.3000 except that for this release I
  did not screw up the version numbering in the distribution tarball.

* 0.3000   (2005-02-19)

** Improvements

- Full test coverage!  Devel::Coverage says that the LT unit tests now
  cover 100% of statements, branches, conditionals, and subroutines.

- Test::LectroTest now follows Test::Simple's exit-code strategy:
  The number of failures (up to 254) is reported via the exit code.

- (!) Test::LectroTest::TestRunner::run_suite now returns the number
  of properties that successfully checked.  (Before it reported 0 if
  any check failed.) !!!NOTE!!! This is an API change.  If you have
  written code that checks the result of run_suite, you will need to
  change it.

** Fixes

- An empty suite powered by Test::LectroTest now emits "1..0"
  as its sole output when previously there was no output.

** Misc

- Added a bunch of new test cases.

- Renamed test files: from t/001.t to t/gens.t, etc.

- Removed superfluous use of Data::Dumper in t/gens.t.

- Relaxed dependencies on external packages need only for building.

* 0.2010   (2005-02-16)

** Improvements

- Now you can mix LectroTest and Test::* modules!
  Test::LectroTest::Compat provides the compatibility magic.

** Fixes

- Updated copyright notices.

- Removed use of List::Util from t/001.t.  (This should be
  the last use of the module.  Now we can cut the dependency.)

- Renamed the test .t files to something sensible.

** Misc

- Made list of dependencies in Build.PL pedantically complete.

* 0.2008   (2005-02-05)

** Improvements

- Paste can now be used to join elements of generated lists,
  which are "flattened" before pasting.  For example, the
  following are equivalent:
      Paste( (Bool) x 4 )
      Paste( List(Bool, length=>4) )

- Removed dependency upon Data::Dumper's Sortkeys method and
  upon List::Util entirely.  This makes LectroTest compatible with
  older versions of Perl.  (I tested on v5.6.1 built for i386-linux.)
  Thanks Alex Kapranoff for the Sortkeys dependency report.

** Fixes

- Minor clarifying edits to documentation.

* 0.2007   (2004-09-30)

** Improvements

- You can now specify multiple sets of generator-bindings for a
  property.  This lets you focus on specific portions of your test
  space to ensure the desired coverage.  For example, if you wanted
  to cover all integers but especially focus on the range [-1,1]:

  Property {
      ##[ x <- Int ], [ x <- Int(range=>[-1,1]) ]##
      blah($x) != 0
  }, name => "blah result is non-zero" ;

- Generator now accepts an :all export tag to export everything
  (which is what I use almost all of the time).

- If a generator throws an exception, it is caught and reported
  specifically in a special warning counterexample.

- Expanded test suite for TestRunner and Property.

** Fixes

- Some of the new combinators were listed under the :common
  export tag instead of under :combinators.

* 0.2006  New combinators, doc fixes (2004-09-15)

** Improvements

- More new combinators that you can shake a stick at:
  Each, Apply, Map, Concat, Flatten, ConcatMap, FlattenMap.

- As usual, documentation tweaks:
  - Better explanation of sizing guidance (Generator)
  - Added warnings about empty ranges, etc. (Generator)
  - Documented the new combinators (Generator)

- Additional pre-flight checks for Int and Float generators:
  If a range is provided that does not contain zero, LectroTest
  will complain if the generator is also sized (because the
  run-time intersection of the sizing-guidance range and the
  generator's range can be empty, making it impossible to
  generate a valid value).

** Fixes

- Fixed an overly-uppity pre-flight check for List(length=>N).

- Fixed TestRunner's modifying of $" in a way that escaped into the
  behavior-test part of Properties during checks.

* 0.2005  Re-release of 0.2004 to make CPAN happy (2004-09-13)

- I once had a version in Test::LectroTest::Generator but removed it
  because I wanted to version only the entire Test::LectroTest module.
  But CPAN rejected Generator because its version had "fallen."  Crap.
  So, back in goes the version number, now bumped.

* 0.2004  Documentation improvements, minor code improvements (2004-09-13)

** Fixes

- Some links in documentation were broken.

** Improvements

- Vastly improved docs: All modules now have decent documentation.
  (Tutorial still needs step-by-steps, tho.)

- More pre-flight checks and better error reporting.

- Cleaned up Test::LectroTest's hack for running property checks and
  end of load.

* 0.2003  Bug fix and doc improvements (2004-09-11)

** Fixes

- !! Important fix: In generator bindings with more than one variable,
  variables sometimes got each others' values.

** Improvements

- Updated docs.

- LectroTest::Property now pre-flight checks for the use of $tcon in a
  generator binding and emits and error in that case.  ($tcon is used
  for the test controller.)

- TestRunner will now catch and report exceptions thrown during
  property checks:

  - A thrown exception results in test failure.

  - The "details" report will include a "Caught exception" section,
    if needed.

  - TestRunner::results now has an exception field:
    - undef if no exception was thrown during testing
    - the exception otherwise

* 0.2002  Documentation improvements (2004-09-09)

- Added README (d'oh!) from Test::LectroTest.
- Updated docs in Test::LectroTest.

* 0.2001  First Pre-CPAN upload release (2004-09-09)

- Major documentation improvements

- Lots of cleanups

- Reorg under Test:
  LectroTest::*      -> Test::LectroTest::*
  LectroTest::Simple -> Test::LectroTest

* 0.1002  First public release (2004-09-08)

- Clean ups

* 0.1001  First cut