Revision history for Test-MinimumVersion

0.101081  2013-11-30 18:10:02 America/New_York
        - add a "skip" option to all_minimum_version_ok
        - use CPAN::Meta for META.* files, which should do a better
          job at figuring out prereqs

0.101080  2010-04-18 14:07:08 America/New_York
          more "comparison to undef" bugs fixed (thanks, Tux)

0.101050  2010-04-15 15:31:56 America/New_York
          convert to dzil, fix a prereq num/str conversion stupidity
          fix bug when comparing versions to undef

0.013     2010-01-17
          declare the dependency on YAML::Tiny (thanks, jawnsy)

0.012     2010-01-16
          stop inlining YAML::Tiny
          add a very, very, very basic test

0.011     2009-06-29
          update code to behave better with subtests

0.010     2009-05-31
          attempt to not croak on empty files

0.009     2009-04-18
          display version_markers when syntax requirements are too high

0.008     2008-05-22
          change default search locations for code to test
          update embedded YAML::Tiny
          packaging updates

0.007     2007-09-17
          fix t/pod-coverage.t; numerous stupid bugs!

0.006     2007-08-24
          all_version_* methods only plan, now, if there is no plan
          added no_plan option to all_version_* methods

0.005     2007-07-03
          quash some warnings
          added all_version_from_metayml_ok

0.004     2007-04-04
          add prereq for File::Find::Rule::Perl

0.003     2007-04-03
          change how it all interfaces with the programmer

0.001     2007-04-02
          initial release