0.13     2015-04-22

* Make all delivery tags a Math::UInt64 object to match the latest
  Net::AMQ::RabbitMQ changes (as of version 0.100000 of that library). (Ran

0.12     2015-01-19

* Added the redelivered key to messages returned by recv(). This matches a
  change in Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ 0.007002.
* The consume() method now returns a consumer tag, either the one you pass or
  an auto-generated tag.
* Implemented a cancel() method.
* Partially implemented exchange_delete() and queue_delete() methods. These
  aren't very smart and will not throw errors when the real RabbitMQ would,
  but the methods at least exist and delete any existing mock queue or
* Implement "passive => 1" option for queue_declare, primarily to make it
  possible to get a queue's message count.
* Calling queue_declare would wipe out the contents of the queue if it already

0.10     2014-10-11

* Message properties now default to an empty hash if none are specified. This
  matches the behavior of Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ. (Dave Rolsky)

0.09     2012-06-30

* Add tx_select, tx_commit, and tx_rollback support. (bluefeet)

0.08     2012-02-28

* Make queues FIFO, not LIFO. (Thanks Ryan Olson!)
* Support the tx_select, tx_commit, and tx_rollback methods.

0.07     2012-02-24

* Rather than just return the body of the queued message, return all the
  metainformation that Net::RabbitMQ would have returned. (Thanks Ryan Olson!)

0.06     2010-07-02

* Mention the name of the queue get when is called and the queue doesn't exist.

0.05     2010-07-01

* Add debug attribute for printing out publishes

0.04     2010-06-04

* Default exchange to amq.direct
* Add support for wildcard bindings (# and *)

0.03     2010-05-25

* Fix bug in get implementation

0.02     2010-05-25

* Implement get method.
* POD fixes

0.01     2010-03-05

* First version, released on an unsuspecting world.