Revision history for Test-Output

1.03 - Fri Jan  3 12:19:35 2014
	* Get rid of MYMETA

1.02_01 - Tue Dec 17 12:39:15 2013
	* Get rid of MYMETA

1.02 - Mon Jul  8 21:15:30 2013
	* Bump to stable release

1.01_02 - Thu Jul 19 06:18:35 2012
	* Remove the ::Tie stuff. It should be fully Capture::Tiny 

1.01_01 - Mon May 14 16:05:22 2012
	* David Golden re-did everything with Capture::Tiny
	to get around the odd output paths that we coudn't
	handle with a tie.

1.01 - Fri Apr 22 07:58:19 2011
	* Bump to a full release. This fixes the tests that failed
	in the new 5.14 regex stringification

0.16_03 - Mon Oct 25 23:10:41 2010
	* Fix cat-o with handling $,

0.16_02 - Tue Oct 19 03:26:14 2010
	* Update tests with hardcoded regex stringification for 
	Perl's new (?^:) stuff

0.16_01 - Tue Jun  9 22:58:58 2009
	* Added META_MERGE features from chorny

0.13 - Sun Mar  8 23:00:11 2009
	* brian d foy ( is the new maintainer
	* Updated docs for source code location, license, etc

0.12 - Sat Oct 25 09:59:18 2008
	Repacking to remove OS X extended attribute files that were causing tests to fail.

0.11    10/21/2008
        Fixes for STDERR handling under Perl 5.6. Thanks to
        brian d foy for the patch with tests.
0.10    07/18/2005
        Migrated from Exporter to Sub::Exporter

0.09    11/09/2005
        New version of Test::Tester added a depth test which was causing
          tests to fail. Thanks to neildp for the patch.
        Fixed warning messages during perl Makefile.PL caused by Test::Tester
          not being loaded first.

0.08    07/19/2005
        Supressed most warnings caused by newer versions of Test::Tester

0.07    03/26/2005
        Added methods: combined_is, combined_isnt, combined_like and
          combined_unlike. This combine STDOUT and STDERR into one
          filehandle and capture their output for testing.

0.06    03/07/2005
        Applied patch from David Wheeler to support code blocks within
          tests as well as coderefs.

0.05    03/04/2005
        Added chromatic's patch fixing diag messages printing even when
          tests pass.
        Updated stdout_unlike.t to test for success.
        Updated all tests for successful tests to include diag => ''.

0.04    03/02/2005
        Added methods: output_like, output_unlike
        Moved output_from stdout_from and stderr_from out of @EXPORT
          and into @EXPORT_OK.
        Reworked diag messages for output_is and output_isnt to only show
          the output that doesn't match.
        replaced "comment" with "description"
        More tests
        Much refactoring

0.03    02/16/2005
        Reworked entire POD. Thanks to rjbs for his suggestions.
        Additional POD fixes (date to data thanks to everyone who caught
        New methods: stderr_like, stderr_unlike, stdout_like, stdout_unlike
        Updated README from the default one created by Module::Starter.
        Moved private methods _err,_out, and _errandout to stderr_from
          stdout_from and output_from respectively. Allowing access from
          the test file. Thanks to rjbs for this suggestion.

0.02    02/12/2005
        New methods: output_isnt, stderr_inst, stdout_isnt
        Removed requirement for Filehandle
        Removed errant leftover Test::Builder::Tester::Color from tests
        Migrated all tests to Test::Tester (Test::Tester now a prereq)

0.01    02/12/2005
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.