Revision history for Perl 5 distribution Test-Override-UserAgent

0.004001 2011-10-23
 - More documentation.
 - More tests.

0.004 2011-02-06
 - Add a new Client-Response-Source to indicate when the response was
   generated by this module.
 - Add a url argument to the override_request method for easier overriding
   of specific addresses.

 - Proper Client-* headers where not added to internal responses.

0.003 2011-02-04
 - New override_for default scopper for configuration packages.

 - Fixed test t/user_agent.t to be less prone to failure if a request to
   localhost causes a redirect.

 - Change from Module::Install to Module::Build.

0.002 2010-01-31
 - Fixed typo listing LEP::Protocol as a dependency instead of

0.001 2010-01-31
 - First release.