Revision history for Test-Parser.

	Mark Wong:
	- Fixed the metric calculation for DBT-5.
	- Fixed the mix percentage reporting for DBT-5.

	Richard Kennedy:
	- Fix use of default sort ordering, which was ascii sort not numeric sort
	  effects the way NO90 is reported
	- Fixed calculation of notpm, since rampup transactions were included in
	  the total from which the rate was calculated

	Mark Wong:
	- Updates based on base class changes
	- Moved html and plotting functions for Test::Parser::Iostat,
	  Test::Parser::Vmstat, Test::Parser::Sar, and Test::Parser::Dbt2 to
	- Added parser for DBT-5.
	John Daiker:
	- Added call for to_xml() in
	- Updated SysbenchCPU to use to_xml() from
	- Fixes for
	- Documentation updates for perldoc compatibility
	Joshua Jakabosky:
	- Dbench parser
	- Add to_xml() routine
	- Add more parameters to base class
	- Documentation for Dbench
	- Added test for iozone
	- Added new parser for iozone
	- Added iozone_parser
	- Added iozone tests
	- Added new parser for sysbench cpu and sysbench fileio
	- Renamed tests to be numerically ordered
	- Added constant END_OF_RECORD for test parsers to return when
	  they complete parsing a test log, but notice there's more 
	  data to be parsed
	- Renaming,,, to
	  lowercase for easier autodetection in crucible
1.3  Thu June 29, 17:00:00 2006
	- Added new parser for newpynfs
	- Added new parser for readprofile
	- Added new parser for oprofile
	- Added new parser for vmstat
	- Added new parser for sysctl
	- Added new parser for PostgreSQL options
	- Added new parser for iostat
	- Added new parser for sar
	- Added new parser for dbt-2 test results

1.00  Fri Dec 16 17:52:00 2005
	- Added new parser for LTP testruns
	- Added test case 03 for LTP logs
0.99  Wed Oct 19 17:44:12 2005
	- Added Test::Parser, created by h2xs via addpm 1.00
	- original version; created by sdist 1.11