Revision history for Test-Pod-LinkCheck

0.008 2014-11-02T00:38:23Z UTC
 - Updates to the automatically-generated files ( thanks RT#76821 )
 - Suppress warnings and deaths in various places ( thanks RT#73280 and
   RT#83182 and RT#76342 phew! )
 - Improve the test output to help track down failures
 - Automatically enable verbose if $ENV{HARNESS_IS_VERBOSE} or
   $ENV{TEST_VERBOSE} ( thanks RT#76342 )
 - Add a new backend 'MetaDB' which queries the same online database
   cpanminus uses as a last resort ( thanks RT#77976 )
 - Add a new backend 'MetaCPAN' which queries MetaCPAN as a last last
   resort :)
 - Add a new backend 'CPANIDX' which queries as a last last
   last resort ;)

 - code churn: 5 files changed, 219 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)

0.007 2011-04-22T04:31:32Z UTC
 - Finally fix a long-standing testsuite FAIL, I hope! ( thanks RT#67126
   and RT#65752 )

0.006 2011-04-21T17:17:08Z UTC
 - Add the ability to scan for perlfunc stuff ( thanks RT#67625 )

0.005 2011-02-21T21:56:25Z UTC
 - Squashed some test failures by skipping them, thanks CPANTesters!
 - Re-worded the output to make it clearer
 - Changed the "verbose" attr to false by default
 - Add the "cpan_backend_auto" attr to control automatic backend selection
 - Clarified a lot of things in the POD

0.004 2010-05-28T04:29:48Z UTC
 - ready for CPAN

0.003 2010-05-28T04:26:57Z UTC
 - fixed the SIGNATURE stuff

0.002 2010-05-28T04:20:14Z UTC
 - fix stopwords for POD spelling test

0.001 2010-05-28T04:16:42Z UTC
 - initial release