Revision history for Test-Run-CmdLine

0.0131  2015-01-20
    - Hopefully fix t/03-prove.t on MS Windows and other \r\n systems.
        - The problem appeared to be a bug in the perl 5 regex engine.

0.0130  2015-12-28
    - Resubmit.

0.0129  2015-12-13
    - Update an old E-mail address.

0.0128  2015-06-04
    - Hopefully fix the test failures on Microsoft Windows.
        - the problem was matching newline as qr/\n/ instead of qr/\r?\n/.

0.0127  2015-06-02
    - Add $VERSION to lib/**.pm modules that were missing it so they'll be
        - See
        - Thanks to CHORNY for the report.
    - Convert from 'use base' to the more modern 'use parent'.
        - “Because I’m all about the base, about the base, about the base.
        No parent!”

0.0126  2014-01-31
    - Get rid of trailing space with a test - t/style-trailing-space.t .
    - Add scripts/
    - Separate "LICENSE" file (CPANTS).

0.0125  2012-09-05
    - Moved away under scripts to it won't be installed
    by default.

0.0124  2012-09-04
    - Explicit dependency on Test::Run::Core-0.0126, due to failing tests
    because of old Test::Runs such as:

0.0123  2011-06-25
    - Fix failing tests when Test::More is in PERL5LIB and under taint:

0.0122  2010-07-14
    * Changed the wrong "Regexp" type constraint to "RegexpRef".
        - this caused a breakage in recent Moose releases.

0.0121  2010-02-09
    * Converted to MooseX-Getopt.
    * Moved away from _init into BUILD.
    * Got rid of the _get_private_fields() anti-Moosism.

0.0120  2009-08-06
    * Changed to use YAML::XS instead of
    * Converted to Moose.
    * Bumped the version number to 0.0120 to indicate the Moosification.

0.0112  2009-07-05
    * Changed the exit status of "runprove --help" to 0.
    * Added meta-data and other information to the Build.PL.

0.0111  2009-05-04
    * Replaced "" with MRO::Compat.

0.0110  2008-08-19
    * Documentation fix - converted:
        {{ =head2 $self->private_backend_args() }}
        {{ =head2 $self->private_backend_plugins() }}

    * Fixed a bug where was not loaded and as a result the YAML
    arguments were broken.

0.0109  2008-08-19
    * Factored out some methods in lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/ to
    make debugging easier.
        - _real_prepare_driver_class
        - _prepare_driver_class
        - _calc_driver
    * Added private_backend_plugins() to collect the backend plugins
    from the front-end plugins.
    * Added more tests to the private_backend_plugins().
    * Moved the t/Test module-directory-structure to under t/lib .
        - Adapted the test files accordingly.
        - Adapted the MANIFEST accordingly.

0.0108  2008-08-18
    * Changed all the initializers to _init() instead of _initialize().
        - In compatibility with Test-Run-0.0117
    * Now depends on Test-Run-0.0117

0.0107  2008-02-19
    * Now testing the system return code of runprove in t/03-prove.t.
        - Fixed it in the module.
    * Added some examples for integrating Test::Run::CmdLine into Perl-based
    build-systems under examples/.

0.0106  2007-06-23
    * Placed the runprove trapping functionality in
    lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Trap/ for easy re-use by the
    * Added lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Prove/ as a standalone -M command
    line module implementing the "runprove" functionality.
        - Also useful for testing - see below.
        - converted runprove to use it.
    * Added lib/Test/Run/CmdLine/Trap/ for testing
    the ::Prove::App Module-App, so we won't rely on "runprove"
    being in the path.

0.0105  2007-06-11
    * Now prove does not barf with weird errors when ran with no arguments.
    * Converted t/04-t-r-cl-iface.t to Test::Trap.
    * Refactored the get_backend_env_args() method of Test::Run::CmdLine.
    * Extracted a method.
    * Extended the environment variables handling in
    Test::Run::CmdLine with types.
    * Replaced "back_end" with "backend" in an identifier for better
    * Added the yamldata backend environment variable type, and
    converted the "alternate interpreters" plugin to use it.
    * Added the "varmap" type to Test::Run::CmdLine.
    * Converted to use Build.PL and Test::Run::Builder.
    * Refactored the tests of t/03-prove.t into Test::Run::Trap::Obj.
    * Converted the Test::Run::CmdLine get_backend_env_args to
    private_backend_args (using accum_array) instead of NEXT::.
    * Converted the indirect_env_mapping routines to using
    accum_array instead of NEXT::.

0.0104  2007-03-19
    * Fixed running runprove with no arguments.
    * Converted the tests to Test::Trap.

0.0103  2007-02-16

    * Fixed a bug in Test::Run::CmdLine::Prove where the Switches parameter
    was not over-rided from its "-w" default. This caused -w to be passed
    to the interpreter which broken non-perl test scripts.

0.0102  2006-11-11
    * Changed the dependency from Test::Run::Obj to Test::Run::Core to make happy. Don't know why Test::Run::Obj wasn't indexed.

0.0101  2006-11-08
    * Added some links to the POD, most of which are inserted by new versions
    of Module-Starter.
    * First stable version.

0.0001_04   2006-10-07
    * Added UNIVERSAL::require to the pre-requisites.

0.0001_03   2006-10-05
    * Fixed the tests in Test-Run-CmdLine so they'll pass even if plugins
    are specified by deafult (or any other $ENV{HARNESS_.*}) shenanigan.
    * Adapted to the new ($self, $args) instead of ($self, %args) interface
    of Test::Run.
    * Changed the interface of the classes' constructors to accept a single
    $args hash ref, instead of %args.

0.0001_02   2006-03-13
    * Added docs/Namespace-Planning.txt for the namespace planning.
    * Made Test::Run::CmdLine into a driver+plugins architecture
      with a backend driver and plugins.
    * Created a Test::Run::CmdLine::Prove class with the implementation
      of the "runprove" command line utility to run tests directly from
      the command line.
    * Added the documentation of prove to the end of the runprove program
      itself and adapted it for runprove.
    * Added pod to Test::Run::CmdLine.
    * Added many tests.

0.0001_01   2005-11-29
    * Initial version. Works sort of and has a functional "runprove"