Revision history for Test::SFTP

1.10        25.10.11
            - Fix a lot of failed tests by checking for available modules.

1.09        23.10.11
            - Fixed RT #71873 (thanks to Montgomery Conner).
            - Moved to Dist::Zilla, finally.

1.08        07.06.10
            - If anything, last version made it even more confusing! It is now

1.07        07.06.10
            - RT #58199 - Sorry Salvador! :)

1.06        07.06.10
            - Adding port option
            - Updating POD

1.05        06.06.10
            - Productionizing it!

1.04_01     04.06.10
            - Switched from Net::SFTP to Net::SFTP::Foreign
            - Switched from Test::More to Test::Builder
            - Some API breakage (status, ssh_args -> more, etc.)
            - A lot of code and POD cleanups
            - Test adjustments, cleanups, fixes, changing some deps for them
            - Adding namespace::autoclean and other deps
            - Cleaning up Build.PL, adding LICENSE, META, examples, etc.

0.04        08.02.09
            - in t/02-failure.t:    initialized $ENV{'HOME'} as empty (windows)
            - in t/03-successful.t: skipping if getpwuid doesn't work (windows)

0.03        20.01.08
            - in t/01-timeout.t:    finally fixed eval for Test::Timer
            - in t/03-successful.t: finally fixed eval for File::Util
            - in t/03-successful.t: changed no. of skipped tests in first SKIP
              to 14
            - in t/03-successful.t: removed File::Util from the top "use" group
            - added "use warnings" (even though we're already using Moose) to
              gain more Kwalitee.
            - added to dist_abstract to Build.PL

0.02        18.01.08
            - Rewrote large parts of the POD.
            - Uses better types with Moose ('Bool', 'Object')
            - Added timeout attribute.
            - Added timeout option for Net::SFTP connection.
            - Added testing for timeout attribute using Test::Timer
            - Checking attributes in connect() to avoid uninitialized variables
            - Put timeout attribute as optionally tested if Test::Timer exists
            - Time::Timer marked as recommended in Build.PL
            - The tests that use File::Util are now optionally skipped if it
              doesn't exist
            - Added File::Util to recommends
            - Separated all the dangerous tests from the the others, changed the
            - Some tested were improved, using eval{}

0.01        07.01.08
            First version. I couldn't be prouder.