Revision history for Test-Spelling

0.20  2014-10-07
        - Add a sorted list of your most commonly misspelled words to
          the end of all_pod_files_spelling_ok to aid stopword list creation
          and bulk correction. (Kent Fredric)

0.19  2013-05-05
        - for more consistent results avoid using the user's local aspell
          dictionary [ #84869] (Karen Etheridge)

0.18  2013-04-26
        - Work around Pod::Spell limitations (David Golden)
        - Improve case handling (David Golden)
        - Improve test failure reporting (Karen Etheridge)
        - Include more useful info in Test-Spelling's own test
            suite (Shawn Moore)

0.17  2012-01-27
        - Use IPC::Run3 instead of IPC::Open3
            Quoth IPC::Open3:
                If you try to read from the child's stdout writer
                and their stderr writer, you'll have problems with
                blocking ... This is very dangerous, as you may
                block forever.
            Also the code is nicely shorter. (Randy Stauner)

0.16  2012-12-20
        - Allow use of a custom POD parser rather than Pod::Spell
          using set_pod_parser (Thomas Sibley)

0.15  2011-08-22
        - Begin adding actual tests
          (Hilariously, adding the suggested t/pod-spell.t to this
          dist to test itself found a typo: "stopwards")

0.14  2011-05-27
        - Fix an error when using add_stopwords("constant", "strings")
          [ #68471] (reported by Nicholas Bamber)

0.13  2011-04-27
        - Make alternatives checking more robust by reading the spellchecker's

0.12  2011-04-25
        - Best Practical has taken over maintainership of this module
        - Try various spellcheck programs instead of hardcoding the ancient
          `spell` [ #56483] (reported by Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ, et al)
        - Remove temporary files more aggressively [ #41586]
          (reported by Tokuhiro Matsuno)
          - fixed by not creating them at all :) instead we now use IPC::Open3
        - Remove suggestion to use broken `aspell -l` [ #28967]
          (reported by David Hand)
        - Add set_pod_file_filter for skipping translations, etc.
          [ #63755] (reported by me :))
        - Skip tests in all_pod_files_spelling_ok if there is no working
        - Provide a has_working_spellchecker so you can skip your own tests if
          there's no working spellchecker
        - Switch to Module::Install
        - Rewrite and modernize a lot of the documentation
        - Decruftify code, such as by using Exporter and lexical filehandles
        - Support .plx files (you're welcome Schwern)

0.11  2005-11-15
        - Some documentation fixes.
        - Added note about per-file stopwords by Chris Dolan.
        - Use a temporary file instead of open2() to solve win32 portability
          issues. (Thanks to Chris Laco!)

0.10  2005-08-02
        - First version