Test::Strict - Check syntax, presence of use strict; and test coverage

0.27 2015-04-12
  - accept -t -w   (Athos Ribeiro)

0.26 2014.-10.16
  - Add test using Test::DistManifest and Test::CheckManifest
  - Add author test using Test::Version

0.25 2014-10-16T07:52:00Z
  - Link to GitHub bugtracker - is it working now?
  - Some tests refactored.

0.25 2014-10-15T19:52:00Z
  - Update Makefile.PL to point to GitHub as bug tracking system
  - use 5.012; enables use strict; #7

0.24 2014-10-05T08:28:00Z
  - add Catmandu::Sane, Moo::Role, MooseX::Role::Parameterized, Role::Tiny
    to the list of modules implying strict and warnings. #6

0.23 2014-03-06T10:39:05Z
  - Standardize dates in the Changes file.
  -  Replace modules_enabling_warnings() by @Test::Strict::MODULES_ENABLING_WARNINGS
     and modules_enabling_strict() by @Test::Strict::MODULES_ENABLING_STRICT
     and by that allow the user to customize it. (thaljef - Jeffrey Thalhammer)
     RT #93443

0.22 2013-03-01T07:39:05Z
  - Exclude the MYMETA files from the distribution.

0.21 2013-02-26T20:32:03Z
  - Add x_contributors to the META files.
  - Add Moose::Exporter to the strict and warnings providers (Graham Knop)

0.20 2013-02-22T12:32:03Z
  - Add more modules that set strict and warnings. (suggested by RIBASUSHI, DAXIM)
  - Remove warnings::register
  - Experimental function modules_enabling_strict() to return those module names.
  - Experimental function modules_enabling_warnings() to return those module names.

0.19 2013-02-20T11:12:39Z
  - Skip test if Moose::Autobox is not installed.

0.18 2013-02-17T13:54:13Z
  - RT #83388 - use Moose::Autobox should not be seen as use Moose; (Peter Vereshagin)

0.17 2012-12-30T08:13:42Z
  - Add license field to META files
  - eliminate unwanted dependency on Modern::Perl

0.16 2012-12-28T09:38:47Z
  - Fix the Windows recognition regex in the code as well.
  - rt #80341: Accept use Modern::Perl as strict and warnings. (Peter Vereshagin)
  - rt #55186: Be less strict about filenames when calling syntax_ok directly
       (Frank Lichtenheld)

0.15 2012-12-27T09:59:29Z
  - rt #81849 and rt #79515: disable the coverage testing unless
    a flag is enabled as that was stuck on Windows.
  - rt #44187: Fix test on Cygwin.
  - Add link to Github repository.
  - Co-maintainer: Gabor Szabo (SZABGAB).

0.14 2010-02-13T19:40:00Z
  - rt #44216: now taint safe - thanks Lars
  - rt #44607: compatible with Moose and Mouse - thanks Apocalypse
  - Removed Test::Pod dependency

0.13 2009-01-30T19:25:00Z
  - rt #42922: Assignment to read only value - thanks Andreas

0.12 2009-01-25T17:55:00Z
  - rt #42575: Can deal with filenames with spaces - thanks Renee
  - rt #42576: Deal with windows dos shorten filnames - thanks Renee

0.11 2009-01-18T20:30:00Z
  - rt #41604: Allow to skip "trusted" files - thanks Jon

0.10 2009-01-18T19:50:00Z
  - rt #41524: Fixed warning "no_plan takes no arguments ..." - thanks Apocalypse

0.09 2008-02-23T23:50:00Z
  - Addressed rt #32704 Cleaning up /tmp directory (ANDK)
  - Added $DEVEL_COVER_OPTIONS to give more control on which files to select for code coverage

0.08 2006-09-05T16:50:00Z
  - Adressed ticket #21196. (smueller)
  - Made the untaint pattern less vulnerable to win32
    paths. (smueller)
  - Now quoting meta-characters before use in regex.
  - Skipping tests that fail on win32 because of the
    testing procedure (smueller)

0.07 2005-05-29T03:45:00Z
  Skip blib/man directory in all_perl_files_ok() and all_cover_ok()

0.06 2005-03-25T00:10:00Z
  Skip blib/libdoc directory in all_perl_files_ok() and all_cover_ok()

0.05 2005-03-21T21:10:00Z
    - Thanks Christopher Laco

0.04 2005-03-21T20:40:00Z
  Fixed warnings_ok() - now it detects "use warnings FATAL => 'all';" - Thanks Christopher Laco

0.03 2005-03-20T23:10:00Z
  Added untainting - Thanks Christopher Laco
  Added $Test::Strict::UNTAINT_PATTERN
  Added better detection of cover binary
  Added warnings_ok()

0.02 2005-03-19T00:17:00Z
  Added detection of 'cover' binary
  Added $Test::Strict::COVER

0.01 2005-03-12T01:14:13Z
  Initial release