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Created:      2012-09-20
Home page:    <>
Bug tracker:  <>
Maintainer:   Toby Inkster <>

0.003  2013-05-24

 - (Addition) Also test files named *.psgi.
 - (Addition) Implement `## no Test::Tabs` and `## use Test::Tabs` comments
   to ignore whitespace rules for a block of lines.
 - (Addition) Implement `## skip Test::Tabs` to skip whitespace tests for a
 - (Addition) Implement `##WS` comment to ignore whitespace rules for one
 - (Bugfix) Properly report the line number of test failures.
 - Report all whitespace problems in a file; not just the first.

0.002  2012-09-26

 - Allow lines to jump *down* indent, as this is occasionlly useful for
   statement modifiers.

0.001  2012-09-20  # Initial release

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