Revision history for Test-Type

v1.3.0  2017-03-22
        - Relicensed under Perl 5 terms.
        - Cleaned up dependencies.

v1.2.0  2014-04-29
        - Added ok_regex() to test for regular expressions.

v1.1.3  2014-04-20
        - Fixed "package version matches dist version" for CPANTS.
        - Fixed license declared in meta files.
        - Switched readme to use markdown.
        - General cleanup.

v1.1.2  2013-04-13
        - Removed Test::More 1.5 specific code that is no longer needed (thanks
          Colin Newell).
        - Added Test::FailWarnings to all tests.
        - Added new release tests.
        - Moved release tests to xt/, updated Build.PL.
        - Added info on how to contribute new examples.
        - Moved request tracker from RT to GitHub.
        - Changed links from Search CPAN to MetaCPAN.
        - Added config file for Travis-CI continuous integration.

v1.1.1  2012-10-03
        - Required Exporter v5.57.

v1.1.0  2012-09-24
        - Relicensed as GPLv3 for inclusion in Fedora.

v1.0.2  2012-09-22
        - Moved repository to GitHub.
        - Cleaned up requires vs build_requires.

v1.0.1  2012-07-30
        - Made code portable on pre-5.10 versions of Perl (RT #78657).
          Thanks to dirkus@yo****.com for reporting the problem!
        - Updated dependency version for Data::Validate::Type.

v1.0.0  2012-07-29
        - Public release.