Revision history for Test-Valgrind

1.18    2015-11-16 15:00 UTC
        + Chg : A new Test::Valgrind::Version class has been added to represent
                valgrind version numbers, instead of lazily relying on
        + Fix : The detection of the valgrind executable has been slightly
                improved to cover some edge cases.
        + Tst : Test failures on Windows, or with old versions of Test::More or
                File::Temp, have been addressed.
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting.
        + Tst : A few extraneous warnings displayed by some tests when they
                were run with old versions of Test::Harnes were silenced.

1.17    2015-11-13 13:50 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #108873] : Tests fail due to "Text file busy"
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting.

1.16    2015-11-12 23:30 UTC
        + Chg : The Test::Valgrind tests will now be skipped when the default
                and user-supplied suppressions files do not refer to any perl-
                related symbol. This behaviour can be overridden by passing
                'allow_no_supp => 1' to Test::Valgrind->import.
                This fixes the following RT issue.
        + Fix : [RT #101934] : t/20-bad.t failing on armv7hl
                While the root cause of this issue is probably not at
                Test::Valgrind's level, it should nevertheless not run the
                tests when the suppression files are obviously insufficient.
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting and providing helpful
        + Fix : The accuracy of the default perl suppression file has been
        + Fix : The tests will be more reliably skipped when no valgrind or
                no suppressions are found.
        + Fix : Segmentation faults during the analysis are now more gracefully
        + Fix : 'no_def_supp => 1' will no longer cause the extra suppressions
                to be ignored.
        + Tst : t/20-bad.t will no longer run the extra tests when no valgrind
                can be found (this was a regression in version 1.15).

1.15    2015-10-30 16:15 UTC
        + Add : The new 'regen_def_supp' option can be passed to
                Test::Valgrind->import to forcefully regenerate the default
                suppression file.
        + Fix : Build failures of the dummy XS code with PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
        + Fix : Handshake failures in tests with recent perls built with
        + Tst : Improved diagnostics on failure.
        + Upd : Freshen Makefile.PL.

1.14    2013-09-01 17:10 UTC
        This is a maintenance release. The code contains no functional change.
        Satisfied users of version 1.13 can skip this update.
        + Doc : POD headings are now properly linkable.
        + Tst : Author tests are no longer bundled with this distribution.
                They are only made available to authors in the git repository.
        + Tst : The stack traces used in t/20-bad.t have been made more
                predictable when compiler optimizations are in use.

1.13    2011-08-25 15:45 UTC
        + Fix : The session will now call the finish() method at the right time.
        + Fix : The README file is now properly UTF-8-encoded.
        + Tst : Test demangling of Z-encoded symbols.

1.12    2009-11-29 16:45 UTC
        + Doc : The front documentation in Test::Valgrind was improved.
        + Fix : Don't install, as it's only used for testing.
        + Fix : "Non-portable hex number" warnings.
        + Fix : Old versions of valgrind could leave some Z-encoded symbols in
                the stack traces. We now make sure they're always decoded.

1.11    2009-10-08 20:55 UTC
        + Doc : Completion and improvements.
        + Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.
        + Upd : Freshen Makefile.PL.

1.10    2009-09-22 18:45 UTC
        + Chg : valgrind is no longer required to be installed before installing
                this module.
        + Chg : The parser logic that used to be located inside the tool was
                moved to a new Test::Valgrind::Parser hierarchy. The tool
                decides which parser should be used by implementing the
                "parser_class" method.
        + Fix : Compatibility with valgrind 3.5.
        + Fix : The "valgrind" option to Test::Valgrind::Session->new wasn't
                doing anything.
        + Fix : The "Test" action could generate inappropriate error messages.

1.02    2009-05-02 12:05 UTC
        + Add : Commands can now be aggregated.
        + Add : The commands can now also filter and mangle reports.
        + Chg : The perl suppressions are now stripped from everything below
        + Doc : Typos, nits and clarifications.

1.01    2009-04-14 21:15 UTC
        + Add : Allow testing code given by -e. Hurray for source filters!
        + Fix : Lazily load in Test::Valgrind::Session so that it's
                not really needed at configure time.
        + Fix : Don't unload dynamic extensions by default so that their symbols
                still appear in the stack traces.

1.00    2009-04-12 22:50 UTC
        Complete rewrite. The options passed to Test::Valgrind->import have
        changed, so please have a look at the doc.
        + Add : A brand new reusable API.
        + Add : Suppressions are now versionized following the perl interpreter
                and valgrind. They are regenerated as needed and stored in the
                user home directory.
        + Add : memcheck output is parsed by XML::Twig.
        + Add : The output of the original script is now correctly captured.
        + Rem : Lots of ugly hacks in the toolchain.

0.08    2009-02-08 18:25 UTC
        + Add : Unload the libraries loaded by DynaLoader at END time, reducing
                the number of leaks in perl.
        + Rem : The useless t/21-good-block.t.
        + Upd : META.yml spec updated to 1.4.

0.07    2008-09-30 13:35 UTC
        + Chg : Now conforms to the Test::Builder framework.
        + Fix : STDERR is longer eaten.
        + Fix : Eat STDOUT or print it as diagnostics, but never let him go
                through naked, as this may fiddle with the tests output.
        + Fix : 'make test' without prior 'make'.

0.06    2008-09-09 22:10 UTC
        + Fix : Suppressions were installed in the wrong path. Thanks Marvin
                Humphrey for reporting this.
        + Fix : Really load XSLoader when generating suppressions. Thanks Marvin
                Humphrey again for bringing this to my attention.
        + Fix : The logic for finding the file to run through valgrind was
                flawed, which lead to generate suppressions against
                Test/ only.

0.051   2008-09-02 17:20 UTC
        + Fix : Forgot to upgrade version of the suppression placeholder module.

0.05    2008-08-25 22:05 UTC
        + Chg : Lower the default caller to 12.
        + Tst : Add a real-life test that gets executed only if you have a C

0.04    2008-05-13 16:25 UTC
        + Chg : Don't smoke this on 5.005 please.
        + Chg : Better way to find the valgrind executable.

0.03    2008-04-21 15:35 UTC
        + Fix : Include the mock rather than an empty file.

0.02    2008-04-21 15:25 UTC
        + Add : Test::Valgrind now depends on Perl::Destruct::Level. This is
                needed for non-debugging perls because we can't set their
                level of memory cleanup correctness on exit with the
                PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL environment variable.
        + Add : Hardcode valgrind path into the new constant
        + Chg : Test::Valgrind::Suppressions::supppath() is now supp_path().
        + Chg : lib/Test/Valgrind/ was renamed to
                lib/Test/Valgrind/Suppressions.tpl for file portability reasons.

0.01    2008-04-19 15:50 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.