Revision history for Test-Valgrind

1.19    2016-08-01 21:00 UTC
        + Fix : valgrind 3.1x will no longer be treated as valgrind 3.1.0,
                causing the wrong command line arguments to be used.
                Thanks Lucas Nussbaum and Gregor Herrmann from Debian for
                reporting and providing feedback (Debian bug 832833).
        + Fix : The number of callers is now capped at 24, as this is the
                maximum number supported by valgrind. An higher number of
                frames could lead to the generation of unusable suppressions
                in both old and recent versions of valgrind.

1.18    2015-11-16 15:00 UTC
        + Chg : A new Test::Valgrind::Version class has been added to represent
                valgrind version numbers, instead of lazily relying on
        + Fix : The detection of the valgrind executable has been slightly
                improved to cover some edge cases.
        + Tst : Test failures on Windows, or with old versions of Test::More or
                File::Temp, have been addressed.
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting.
        + Tst : A few extraneous warnings displayed by some tests when they
                were run with old versions of Test::Harnes were silenced.

1.17    2015-11-13 13:50 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #108873] : Tests fail due to "Text file busy"
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting.

1.16    2015-11-12 23:30 UTC
        + Chg : The Test::Valgrind tests will now be skipped when the default
                and user-supplied suppressions files do not refer to any perl-
                related symbol. This behaviour can be overridden by passing
                'allow_no_supp => 1' to Test::Valgrind->import.
                This fixes the following RT issue.
        + Fix : [RT #101934] : t/20-bad.t failing on armv7hl
                While the root cause of this issue is probably not at
                Test::Valgrind's level, it should nevertheless not run the
                tests when the suppression files are obviously insufficient.
                Thanks Paul Howarth for reporting and providing helpful
        + Fix : The accuracy of the default perl suppression file has been
        + Fix : The tests will be more reliably skipped when no valgrind or
                no suppressions are found.
        + Fix : Segmentation faults during the analysis are now more gracefully
        + Fix : 'no_def_supp => 1' will no longer cause the extra suppressions
                to be ignored.
        + Tst : t/20-bad.t will no longer run the extra tests when no valgrind
                can be found (this was a regression in version 1.15).

1.15    2015-10-30 16:15 UTC
        + Add : The new 'regen_def_supp' option can be passed to
                Test::Valgrind->import to forcefully regenerate the default
                suppression file.
        + Fix : Build failures of the dummy XS code with PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
        + Fix : Handshake failures in tests with recent perls built with
        + Tst : Improved diagnostics on failure.
        + Upd : Freshen Makefile.PL.

1.14    2013-09-01 17:10 UTC
        This is a maintenance release. The code contains no functional change.
        Satisfied users of version 1.13 can skip this update.
        + Doc : POD headings are now properly linkable.
        + Tst : Author tests are no longer bundled with this distribution.
                They are only made available to authors in the git repository.
        + Tst : The stack traces used in t/20-bad.t have been made more
                predictable when compiler optimizations are in use.

1.13    2011-08-25 15:45 UTC
        + Fix : The session will now call the finish() method at the right time.
        + Fix : The README file is now properly UTF-8-encoded.
        + Tst : Test demangling of Z-encoded symbols.

1.12    2009-11-29 16:45 UTC
        + Doc : The front documentation in Test::Valgrind was improved.
        + Fix : Don't install, as it's only used for testing.
        + Fix : "Non-portable hex number" warnings.
        + Fix : Old versions of valgrind could leave some Z-encoded symbols in
                the stack traces. We now make sure they're always decoded.

1.11    2009-10-08 20:55 UTC
        + Doc : Completion and improvements.
        + Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.
        + Upd : Freshen Makefile.PL.

1.10    2009-09-22 18:45 UTC
        + Chg : valgrind is no longer required to be installed before installing
                this module.
        + Chg : The parser logic that used to be located inside the tool was
                moved to a new Test::Valgrind::Parser hierarchy. The tool
                decides which parser should be used by implementing the
                "parser_class" method.
        + Fix : Compatibility with valgrind 3.5.
        + Fix : The "valgrind" option to Test::Valgrind::Session->new wasn't
                doing anything.
        + Fix : The "Test" action could generate inappropriate error messages.

1.02    2009-05-02 12:05 UTC
        + Add : Commands can now be aggregated.
        + Add : The commands can now also filter and mangle reports.
        + Chg : The perl suppressions are now stripped from everything below
        + Doc : Typos, nits and clarifications.

1.01    2009-04-14 21:15 UTC
        + Add : Allow testing code given by -e. Hurray for source filters!
        + Fix : Lazily load in Test::Valgrind::Session so that it's
                not really needed at configure time.
        + Fix : Don't unload dynamic extensions by default so that their symbols
                still appear in the stack traces.

1.00    2009-04-12 22:50 UTC
        Complete rewrite. The options passed to Test::Valgrind->import have
        changed, so please have a look at the doc.
        + Add : A brand new reusable API.
        + Add : Suppressions are now versionized following the perl interpreter
                and valgrind. They are regenerated as needed and stored in the
                user home directory.
        + Add : memcheck output is parsed by XML::Twig.
        + Add : The output of the original script is now correctly captured.
        + Rem : Lots of ugly hacks in the toolchain.

0.08    2009-02-08 18:25 UTC
        + Add : Unload the libraries loaded by DynaLoader at END time, reducing
                the number of leaks in perl.
        + Rem : The useless t/21-good-block.t.
        + Upd : META.yml spec updated to 1.4.

0.07    2008-09-30 13:35 UTC
        + Chg : Now conforms to the Test::Builder framework.
        + Fix : STDERR is longer eaten.
        + Fix : Eat STDOUT or print it as diagnostics, but never let him go
                through naked, as this may fiddle with the tests output.
        + Fix : 'make test' without prior 'make'.

0.06    2008-09-09 22:10 UTC
        + Fix : Suppressions were installed in the wrong path. Thanks Marvin
                Humphrey for reporting this.
        + Fix : Really load XSLoader when generating suppressions. Thanks Marvin
                Humphrey again for bringing this to my attention.
        + Fix : The logic for finding the file to run through valgrind was
                flawed, which lead to generate suppressions against
                Test/ only.

0.051   2008-09-02 17:20 UTC
        + Fix : Forgot to upgrade version of the suppression placeholder module.

0.05    2008-08-25 22:05 UTC
        + Chg : Lower the default caller to 12.
        + Tst : Add a real-life test that gets executed only if you have a C

0.04    2008-05-13 16:25 UTC
        + Chg : Don't smoke this on 5.005 please.
        + Chg : Better way to find the valgrind executable.

0.03    2008-04-21 15:35 UTC
        + Fix : Include the mock rather than an empty file.

0.02    2008-04-21 15:25 UTC
        + Add : Test::Valgrind now depends on Perl::Destruct::Level. This is
                needed for non-debugging perls because we can't set their
                level of memory cleanup correctness on exit with the
                PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL environment variable.
        + Add : Hardcode valgrind path into the new constant
        + Chg : Test::Valgrind::Suppressions::supppath() is now supp_path().
        + Chg : lib/Test/Valgrind/ was renamed to
                lib/Test/Valgrind/Suppressions.tpl for file portability reasons.

0.01    2008-04-19 15:50 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.