Revision history for Test-WWW-Mechanize-MultiMech

1.006001   2014-02-13
    - Converted to dzil

1.005   2014-01-14
        - Fixed a bug where failing tests on all-user method calls
          referenced line number in this module, instead of where they
          were called from in the test.

1.004   2014-01-13
        - Clarified in the docs that "any" will ignore ->ignore()d users

1.003   2014-01-13
        - Fixed some issues due to new ->ignore_user feature. New
          error checking to ensure mech object for ->any method calls
          is available.
        - Disallowed ignoring all users

1.002   2014-01-13
        - Added ->ignore_user and ->unignore_user
        - Made ->all_users take an optional argument, specifying
          whether to include ignored users in returned the list

1.001   2014-01-11
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.