0.08     2019-10-11

- Use IPC::Run3 instead of Capture::Tiny for all tests. This fixes an issue
  with the `tap-bug-in-test2.t` on Windows. Reported by Alexandr Ciornii and
  further diagnosed by Phil M. Perry. RT #129294.

0.07     2019-04-21

- Reverted back to using the Warning event type, since the bug in the Test2
  core that caused this to be a problem has since been fixed.

- Replaced use of Test2::Bundle::Extended with Test2::V0.

0.06     2017-06-04

- Warnings inside a subtest were not emitted as TAP events, breaking the TAP
  and making for great confusion. This is because of a bug in the core TAP
  formatter - see https://github.com/Test-More/test-more/issues/776 for
  details. Warnings are now emitted as Ok events instead of Warning events.

0.05     2016-11-07

- Skip compile.t on Windows. This test uses IPC::Run3 which doesn't seem to
  work well on that platform. Fixed RT #118443. Reported by Alexandr Ciornii.

0.04     2016-10-23

- Load Test2::Event::Warning in the plugin instead of relying on Test2 to do
  it for us. This should avoid the bug reported by Todd Rinaldo and eliminates
  the need for the INIT block, which caused it's own problems.

0.03     2016-10-17

- Add the $SIG{__WARN__} hook in an INIT block. We really don't want to
  trigger this because of a compile-time warning, and because of a bug in
  Test::Builder, this can actually cause the warning to be lost
  entirely. Reported by Todd Rinaldo in

- The Test2::Event::Warning event now returns true for increments_count. That
  means that the test failure caused by a warning will not be output as a TAP
  test line. Previously this was just seen as a diag line, which could be
  quite confusing. Reported by Todd Rinaldo in

0.02     2016-05-23

- Make the event return false for increments_count, so warnings-related
  failures don't cause test count issues.

- Make the plugin add a prefix to the warning message rather than adding it in
  the event class's summary method.

- Make causes_fail an attribute in the event. It defaults to to true, but can
  be set to false if you'd like to repurpose the event object for something

0.01     2016-05-22

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.