Revision history for Perl extension TestGen4Web::Runner

0.11	2008-11-27
	Added 'var' action support.
	Added explicit AJAX support.
	Added magic form support.

0.10	2008-11-20
	Fixed "goto_frame" bug in previous release.

0.09	2008-11-19
	Added support for frame "goto".
	Added support for frame "goto" with substitute.
	Added support for form action override.
	Fixed a _log_warn warning.

0.08	2006-07-18
	Fixed bug when using numbered input fields in xpaths.

0.07	2006-05-25

	Ignoring HTML comments during xpath parse.
	Disabled LWP::UserAgent automatic redirects.

0.06	2006-05-23

	Replaced switch statment with ifs

0.05	2006-05-02

	Adding x and y to submits
	Support for @HREF attrib in a tag clicks.

0.04	2006-03-20

	Support for named forms and numbered inputs in xpaths.
	Supporting refreshes on form submits.
	New cookie_jar() accessor. Renamed cookie_jar_file() accessor.
	Bug fix: failing if missing 'method' on form.

0.03	2006-03-09

	Added requirement for Switch 2.10

0.02	2006-02-28

	Small bug fixes

0.01	2006-02-23

	First release.