Revision history for perl module Text::Amuse::Compile

1.30 2019-05-11

 - Extend magic comments with more commands

1.29 2019-03-31

 - Fix tests for Win32 (again)

1.28 2019-03-28

 - Extend the magic comments (still experimental)

1.27 2018-01-08

 - Fix crash on conflicting options continuefootnotes and nocoverpage
 - Permit empty format_id and treat as DEFAULT
 - Set "overflow: auto" CSS property on "pre" elements for standalone
   HTMLs (thanks to @link2xt)

1.26 2018-11-04

 - Remove Crimson Text from the default font list
 - Improve the font importer

1.25 2018-11-03

 - Fix tests (hopefully) for windows

1.24 2018-11-01

 - New heading style: part_chapter
 - New option: typearea dimensions
 - New options: tex_tolerance, tex_emergencystretch, fussy_last_word, ignore_cover
 - New experimental feature: magic comments (not documented)
 - New option: format_id, to be passed down to the template.
 - Refactor the LaTeX fontspec loading using filenames when possible.

1.23 2018-09-22

 - Report overfull boxes

1.22 2018-09-09

 - Support directives: publisher, isbn, rights, seriesname,
   seriesnumber for all the output formats.

1.21 2018-07-29

 - Add RTL support for slides

1.20 2018-07-26

 - Introduce experimental RTL/LTR support

1.06 2018-07-18

 - HTML: respect centerchapter and centersection

1.05 2018-07-17

 - New options: continuefootnotes, centerchapter, centersection
 - Remove tags from HTML title in standalone HTML
 - CSS adjustment for floats and captions

1.04 2018-03-31

 - Handle the new way Text::Amuse encodes the non-breaking space

1.03 2018-03-27

 - Add a helpful error message when bigfoot doesn't have the fragile
   option (needed by the template)

1.02 2018-03-26

 - Normalize the footnotes (make them similar to the standard class)
 - Properly decode the latex output

1.01 2018-01-28

 - Bump Text::Amuse dependency
 - Ajust EPUB's HTML

1.00 2017-12-29

 - Add start_with_empty_page option

0.99 2017-12-15

 - Add nobold option to disable bold typeface in PDFs

0.98 2017-12-10

 - Support for secondary footnotes (and option for styling)

0.97 2017-10-26

 - At the CLI, do not validate the font names (just warn)
 - Added support for a new bunch of fonts
 - Added boolean option impressum, to turn the #notes into an impressum
 - Added sansfontsections option to restore komascript default layout
   with sans fonts on section headers

0.96 2017-09-30

 - Font importing improvement

0.95 2017-08-20

 - Improved style for HTML and EPUB

0.94 2017-08-18

 - Use relative font size in CSSs (thanks to @labdsf)

0.93 2017-07-29

 - Updated default font list

 - Added option --coverpage-only-if-toc to restore the conditional

0.92 2017-06-06

 - Replace enumerate package with enumitem (more flexible)
 - Support #nocoverpage both in options and in file header

0.91 2017-05-11

 - Make \sout (strike) really robust and survive hyperref

0.90 2017-04-07

 - Obey #notoc for HTML as well

0.89 2017-04-06

 - Obey #notoc if set in the header
 - Always obey #nocoverpage (both in header or in option)

0.88 2017-04-04

 - Fix handling of internal linking in epub and bump Text::Amuse

0.87 2016-11-11

 - Store metadata in the PDF (both plain and imposed)

0.86 2016-10-22

 - Do not use $_ when reading files and pipes.

0.85 2016-10-18

 - Improved fontspec.json creator

0.84 2016-10-18

 - Support consistent font selection across all the formats.

0.83 2016-10-18

 - Fixed font validation (it was too strict, preventing sans or mono
   fonts to be used as main font).

0.82 2016-10-16

 - New options: epub_embed_fonts (defaults to true)

0.81 2016-10-15

 - Fixed tests for case insensitive file systems

0.80 2016-10-14

 - New way to select the fonts. To activate it, you need to pass
   fontspec to the constructor (or to the script).

0.74 2016-09-30

 - In merged files, do not display the title on a page on itself if
   there is no sectioning. This way the output when collecting
   articles is much better.

0.73 2016-09-02

 - Embed authors and topics in the EPUB under the relevant fields

0.72 2016-07-21

 - Permit font dimensions from 9 to 14 (and stop people complaining
   about fonts being too small)

0.71 2016-07-19

 - Assert we can compile texts with multiline footnotes in the title names

0.70 2016-07-13

 - Add support for internal linking in epub, partials and merged files.

0.65 2016-06-28

 - Fix an infinite loop which is triggered when Text::Amuse spits warnings and the logger
   calls warn().

0.64 2016-06-20

 - Try to always keep the cover image on the first page, enforcing the height to
   0.5 of the text height (and keeping the aspect ratio).

0.63 2016-06-18

 - Fixed tests on windows

0.62 2016-06-17

 - Fixed tests

0.61 2016-06-17

 - Obey #cover and #coverwidth if found in the muse file (with proper

0.60 2016-06-09

 - Fixed tex.t (RT #115177), thanks to Slaven Rezić for the report.

0.59 2016-05-12

 - Another round of test fixes for ancient perls

0.58 2016-05-11

 - Fixed tests for ancient perls 5.8.x

0.57 2016-05-10

 - Fixed syntax error on perl 5.8.9 (thanks to ribasushi)

0.56 2016-05-09

 - Avoid hyphenation on the last word of a paragraph in PDF
 - Improved toc removing strings like "start body" and "titlepage" in
   ToCs (#4)
 - Removed minimum perl version
 - Let the image to expand on the EPUB covers (#3)

0.55 2016-02-25

 - Removed footer/header from first page with nocoverpage option

0.54 2015-01-01

 - Previous release was not installable because of too strict (and too
   weird) filename check. Fixed.

0.53 2015-01-01

 - Adjusted spacing between headings and text body in PDFs
 - When cover option is passed, actually use it for the EPUB

0.52 2015-12-31

 - NYE release :-)
 - New papersize options allowed: B3-B6 and A3
 - headings option now takes a value (but boolean still accepted)

0.51 2015-12-19

 - Layout fixes for bare tex output: do not put the postamble in the
   title page, but append it to the end of the body.

0.50 2015-12-05

 - Handle partials

0.46 2015-12-02

 - Handle long author's name in documents, avoiding \maketitle
 - Added headings option to the template

0.45 2015-10-30

 - Fixed bug on fileparse() usage.

0.44 2015-10-28

 - Added class to parse the muse headers
 - Added methods to the template options to get some defaults

0.43 2015-10-15

 - Cleanup files left by previous compilation and remove LaTeX
   leftovers (.aux, .vrb, etc).

0.42 2015-10-14

 - "slides" is now an alias for "sl_pdf"

0.41 2015-10-14

 - Fixed default for older Moo

0.40 2015-10-13

 - Generate slides when the header #slides is true.
 - New beamer themes options
 - New option for sans serif and typewriter fonts
 - Updated styles for description lists
 - Internal refactoring for option handling
 - New option --purge to muse-compile

0.38 2015-08-26

 - Replaced EBook::EPUB with EBook::EPUB::Lite (to lighten up the
   dependecies, no XS).

0.37 2015-05-10

 - Added --luatex option to use lualatex instead of xelatex

0.36 2015-04-08

 - Adjusted definition of \forcelinebreak preventing a pagebreak after
   that. This could have some unwanted side effects in some corner
   case (like poetry overflowing).

0.35 2015-02-14

 - It looks like Archive::Zip 1.30 fails to extract the whole zip with
   the syntax $zip->extractTree('', $dest). This appears to work at
   least on 1.37 and 1.45 (latest). Changes file doesn't talk about
   this, though. 1.30 is shipped by debian, so we have to support
   this. Relevant tests updated.

 - Added support in the class and in the script for embedding fonts in
   the EPUB (--webfontsdir)

0.34 2015-02-12

 - Table of contents for EPUB now is properly nested

 - The compiler now can merge multiple texts into an EPUB. Merging
   into a single HTML document would require rewriting the footnotes
   reference and honestly doesn't make much sense.

0.33 2015-02-05

 - Fixed dumb validations for filename. This is still strict and
   probably will create validation problems on some setups (passing
   absolute filenames with spaces will fail miserably).

0.32 2015-02-03

 - Support for #hyphenation tag in the header. Dependency of
   Text::Amuse bumped because of needed hyphenation method.

0.31 2015-01-19

 - New option: opening (for chapter pages)
 - Interpret (via Text::Amuse) and so escape all the strings passed
   to the templates

0.30 2015-01-18

 - Downgraded requirement from Template to Template::Tiny. This change
   should produce a minor performance improvement (both speed and
   memory-wise) and, more important, pull out the complicated logic
   from the the LaTeX template into the code. This of course will
   prevent to do crazy stuff into the template. I see this as a
   feature. Eventually, if the need arise, there could be an option to
   use Template instead, given that the interface is the same. This is
   a major cleanup which has the potential to introduce bugs.

 - Added validation for extra values

0.27 2015-01-13

 - Fixed minor bug with missing cleardoublepage after title page
 - Prepared tests for upcoming downgrade from Template to Template::Tiny

0.26 2014-12-12

 - Fixed bug with missing escape in the epub's titlepage

0.25 2014-10-10

 - Fixed output out missing character report (missing newline)
 - Removed File::Slurp from the script

0.24 2014-09-08

 - LaTeX template change: reduced the footskip to 2 baselines.

0.23 2014-09-02

 - No code change. More verbose output in the methods.t which had a
   bunch of unexplicable test failing on windows.

0.22 2014-08-30

 - Added notoc option to suppress the table of content generation

0.21 2014-08-08

 - Changed default LaTeX class to book, even for texts without a table
   of contents. You can switch to the old behaviour either setting
   nocoverpage to a true value in the header or passing the extra key
   nocoverpage=1 to the compiler.

0.20 2014-07-26
 - Avoid useless and warmful decoding of TeX log file (known to have invalid utf8)

0.19 2014-07-20
 - Removed dependency on File::Slurp
 - Basic validation of extra options which enter the template not interpolated
 - Report missing fonts when compiling the PDF

0.18 2014-06-08
 - Set the language code in the html tag in the HTML output
 - Removed the need for a lock file using flock
 - Respect bcor and twoside option when building only plain pdf

0.17 2014-05-29
 - Added method to see if a file has already been compiled

0.16 2014-05-22
 - Adjusted logger

0.15 2014-05-17
 - Added --extra cover and --extra cover-width keys and documentation

0.14 2014-04-15
 - Adjusted code and tests for directory names with dots

0.13 2014-04-07
 - Restored slightly verbose logging
 - Added recursive compilation
 - Added --recursive and --dry-run to
 - Use a status file instead of dummy .ok
 - Added cleanup option to remove the status file
 - Decode --extra arguments passed on the command line
 - Hopefully fixed tests on Win32

0.12 2014-03-30
 - Remove the use of fork when compiling (save for the latex exec)
 - Improved logging

0.11 2014-03-23
 - Fixed test failures because of hash randomization

0.10 2014-03-23
 - Use IO::Pipe instead of |- construct.

0.09 2014-03-22
 - Handle the merging of files in different languages

0.08 2014-03-16
 - New EXPERIMENTAL feature: file merging (only tex and pdf for now)

0.07 2014-03-08
 - New format: zip file with sources and attachments

0.06 2014-03-02
 - Removed noisy debug (leftover of the previous change)

0.05 2014-03-02
 - Force bcor=0mm and oneside=true for default .tex output
 - Renamed option size to papersize to avoid TT problems (which would interpret
   the size as the size of the options hashref

0.04 2014-03-01
 - Disabled testing with XeLaTeX by default and fixed localtime warning

0.03 2014-03-01
 - Added options to pass to the templates

0.02 2014-02-26
 - Fixed missing binary in MANIFEST

0.01 2014-02-26
 - First public version with basic features