Revision history for Perl extension Text::Aspell.

0.09  Fri Sep 21 00:02:55 UTC 2007
      - Updated test due to changes in Test::More v0.71

0.08  Thu May  3 04:59:31 UTC 2007
      - Added explicit set_lang for en_US
      - TODO fix Makefile.PL to make sure aspell installed
      and en_US installed.

0.07  Tue Apr  3 20:18:11 UTC 2007

      - Added patch provided by Peter Karman:
      "Here's a patch to skip that funny test in 05-core.t if the sug-split-char
       feature is not present."

0.06  Wed May 31 13:51:58 UTC 2006

      - Replaced the PUSHs with XPUSHs as suggested by AWKAY in bug #15060

      - Removed a comment that was left in the O_OBJECT typemap.
        Alex Kapranoff reported that it was confusing xsubpp on some versions
        of perl.

      - Changed from testing return values to calling aspell_*_error.
        In some cases the Aspell API was inconsistent with the code.

0.05  Wed Jul 27 10:34:55 PDT 2005

      - Removed a number of const * casts.  Also changed a few int returns to
        void to prevent XS creating RETVAL when not needed -- clears up all
        warnings when compiling the module with -Wall (on gcc 3.3.6).

      - Fixed get_option_as_list() to fetch the error message from the config object
        instead of the speller object.  Reported by Gary Setter.

      - Made _create_speller() static - closes 8635
        Thanks to Alexey Tourbin

      - gt_option_as_list now checks for valid speller object
        and generates internal message if not valid - closes 8633
        Thanks to Alexey Tourbin

      - replaced the config list test from 'sgml-extension' to 
        'sug-split-char'.  smgl-extension seems to not be available
        anymore as a number of people reported this test failing.

      - Ignore the return value in store_replacement() -- seems the
        return value cannot be trusted from aspell.

      - Updated typemap to use INT2PTR to quiet the following:

            cast to pointer from integer of different size

      - Updated the README file to included suggestions for building on various

      - Moved to using Test::More.  Sorry if that causes you pain.  Just trying
        to keep up with the times.

0.04  Sat Nov  1 22:10:03 UTC 2003

      - Updated README for Windows instructions

0.03  Sun Aug  3 00:45:32 UTC 2003

      - Fixed a bug reported in Debian bug 203467
        An invalid config setting (such as Lang = "xx") was
        causing a segfault.
        Was freeing the config option between creating the speller
        and checking for errors.  The free was clearing the error status.

      - Fixed Debian bug 203516
        Was not correctly extending arg stack when pusing suggesions onto
        an array.

      - Closed Debian bug 203517
        User was trying to modify the config settings (specifically the
        "lang" setting) after creating a speller object.  That doesn't
        work because creating a speller object is what maps the config
        options to a given dictionary file.
        Documentation updated to clear up this point.

0.02  Sat Aug 31 14:58:31 UTC 2002

      - Added new method:
         @dicts = $speller->dictionary_info;
         returns hash ref instead of a : joined string

      - Added new method:
        @option_list = $speller->get_option_as_list( $option_name );
        returns the option setting as a list (since some options are lists)

      - Added new method:
        $options = $speller->fetch_option_keys;
        returns the available config options and their defaults

      - Removed option_list array.

0.01  Thu Aug 29 19:49:51 UTC 2002

      - Updated and renamed from Text::Pspell to use GNU Aspell 0.50.
        Update to GNU Aspell provided by T.J. Mather, Aug 24, 2002.

      - Updated config options displayed in print_config() method.

      - Added list_dictionaries() method to list available dictionaries
        and added test.