Revision history for perl module Text::Caml

0.16 2017-05-03T10:42:27Z

 - Escape "{" and "}" (Shoichi Kaji)

0.15 2017-04-21T23:19:09Z

 - Not parsed partials

0.14 2016-04-18T22:07:12Z

 - Implement array indexing (Fernando Oliveira)

0.13 2015-09-03T06:55:41Z

 - Fixed the way we parse the blocks to ensure we provide correct error messages in case there is a syntax error and no
   closing block tag is present (Ovidiu Stateina)
 - Add more relevant error messages, improve block parsing. Work in progress (Ovidiu Stateina)
 - Added support for nested templates (Ovidiu Stateina)

0.12 2015-06-22T17:20:50Z

 - Added default_partial_extension option

0.11 2015-06-22T17:11:54Z

 - Added template generation possibility
 - Fix a hashref "pollution" issue (Andrew Rodland)
 - Add regression test to check that $context arg handling is correct (Alex Balhatchet)
 - Remove unnecessary check on $context in _parse() (Alex Balhatchet)
 - Fix typo in render_file() use of @_ (Alex Balhatchet)

0.10 2012-03-29

 - Fixed hash contexts merging

0.00905 2011-10-04

 - Fixed 'with' behaviour
 - Implemented smth like Pascal's with
 - Context checks for available method too

0.00904 2011-09-25

 - Allow objects passing
 - Render template before passing to lambda
 - Fixed inverted section bug (Sergey Zasenko)

0.00903 2011-08-22

 - Fixed absolute template path rendering