Revision history for Perl module Text::Diff

1.43 2015-08-21 NEILB
    - Got rid of the "Redundant argument in sprintf" warnings from
      Text:Diff::Table on Perl 5.021+. RT#100505 and RT#106602.
    - Metadata and doc now refer to NEILB's repo rather than OVID's.

1.42 2015-08-20 NEILB
    - Fixed pod link that was referring to the wrong place.
      Thanks to KENTNL for RT#106150.
    - First non-developer released of the changes listed against 1.41_01.

1.41_01 2015-06-02 NEILB
    - Developer release with changes I submitted for my January PRC assignment.
    - Updated all modules to "use warnings", and use "our ...", so bumped
      min perl version to 5.006, and added MIN_PERL_VERSION to Makefile.PL
    - RT#73505: if a file doesn't exist, you't get a warning about trying
      to read a closed filehandle. Now we croak.
    - RT#94895: blank line needed for =head1 OPTIONS to format properly.
    - RT#51612: the '>' character needed escaping inside pod formatting code.
    - RT#25283: fixed syntax error in SYNOPSIS of Text::Diff::Table
    - RT#101553: updated FSF postal address in LICENSE
    - Added SEE ALSO section to doc, with links to a bunch of Diff modules.
    - Added link to github repository in the doc
    - Deleted META.yml from the repo -- EUMM will generate it for us
    - Reformatted this file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Added, with two further things I can see need doing.
    - Removed all tab characters from source

1.41 2011-04-17 OVID
    - Add Text::Dif::Config to MANIFEST.

1.40 2011-04-16 OVID
    - Added DIFF_OUTPUT_UNICODE env variable to allow outputting unicode
      characters. Thanks to Shlomi Fish for the patch.

1.37 2009-07-16 ADAMK
    - Switching to a production release
    - Switching to a 1.xx version to indicate this
    - Added META.yml file

1.36_01 2009-07-13 ADAMK
    - Cleaning this up to pass tests
    - Adding author tests

0.35 2002-08-27 RBS
    - Escape whitespace if a blank line is inserted or removed.  This
      puts a "\n" in the column containing the blank line, for instance.

0.34 2002-07-14 RBS
    - Improved Table format's escaping
    - that "\t" and "\\t" are displayed differently
    - the entire line is escaped consistently if it is escaped
      at all.

0.33 2002-07-08 RBS
    - Make diff() return "" instead of 0 when comparing two empty
      things.  Patch from Rolf Grossmann <>.

0.32 2002-03-14 RBS
    - Fix escaping of all-whitespace strings.

0.31 2002-02-06 RBS
    - Remove stray $SIG{__DIE__} that was confessing on every die.

0.3 2001-12-21 RBS
    - undocumented

0.11 2001-12-10 RBS
    - Remove hardcoded date string from t/general.t's test data, because
      localtime is used to generate this in and the local machine's
      timezone (and locale?) can cause the localtime for a given mtime to be
      quite different.  Reported by  Andreas Marcel Riechert
      <> of cpan-testers.
    - Start this Changes file.
    - Added hunk_header() and hunk_footer() for symmetry in overloading.
    - Added t/ext_format.t

0.1 2001-12-09 RBS
    - Initial public release.
    - Added filename, filehandle, and string I/O options
    - API resembles Algorithm::Diff's a bit more
    - Reimplement output formats as classes so that external (user-supplied)
      can be specified as class names (My::Diff::Format) and so that they may
      be inherited from.  Should probably break out hunk_header() from hunk().
    - Add footer() to all formats