Revision history for Text-FrontMatter-YAML

0.07	2014-05-27
  - Perl 5.10.1 is now required.
  - RT#95548: fix 20-basic-init-from-sections.t to deal with the
    different style of quoted-strings used by YAML::Tiny 1.57 and later.
  - Misc. improvements to the POD.
  - Additional CPAN::Meta info is generated if ExtUtils::MakeMaker is
    new enough to generate version 2 metadata.

0.06    2013-06-02
  - Actually set the version number. (What a way to start!)

0.05    2013-06-02
  - You can now pass in a hashref and text data, and pull a complete
    document with a front matter section back out.
  - 'from_string' has changed to 'document_string' to match the
    new getter name.

0.04    2013-06-02 (internal-only)
  - Removed ability to initialize from a file or a filehandle;
    this makes the code simpler, and File::Slurp, Path::Class, and the
    like make that feature more or less superfluous. (Thanks to David
    Golden for the suggestion.)
  - The 'string' parameter to new() is now 'from_string'.
  - The '---' marker lines are no longer returned by 'frontmatter_text'
  - A better distinction is made between *empty* sections and
    *undefined* sections. (See perldoc.)
  - Sped up collection of data section.

0.03    2013-05-27 (internal-only)
  - Remove get_ from APIs
  - Assume input is in UTF-8 and set encoding on open()

0.02    2013-05-20
  - Initial release to PrePAN