Revision history for perl module Text::Haml

0.990118 2017-01-18T18:39:25Z

    - Update HAML reference links in POD (grtodd)
    - Update HAML reference links in README (grtodd)

0.990117 2016-04-25T09:25:07Z

    All changes by Mark Aufflick.

    - Added test to ensure sequential multiline code blocks work
    - Since we no longer allow statement continuation across `-` code block lines, implemented support for multiline
      code blocks.
    - Fair attempt at block capturing helpers
    - Now bracing whole level, including blocks which is a precursor to allowing helpers to enclose blocks
    - Need implicit braces around block contents also
    - Eliminate need for closing brace block by implicitly adding open/close braces at level changes

    - Fixed regression introduced by implicit bracing where final trailing newlines were no longer suppressed where they
      should have been.
    - Fixed bogus <> and </> from wrapping lines beginning with ( or {

0.990116 2014-04-25T10:06:26Z

    - Update docs on how to use Data::Section::Simple (TheAthlete)
    - Bug fix in html comments with double quotes (TheAthlete)
    - Bug fix html comment (TheAthlete)
    - Fixed bug with adding a newline in the last line of the template (TheAthlete)
    - Bug fix comment haml inside tag (TheAthlete)

0.990115 2014-01-18T16:06:12Z

    - Fix comment in :css filter (TheAthlete)

0.990114 2013-12-20T09:47:23Z

    - correct behaviour when working with false and undefined values (Keedi Kim)
    - :css filter (TheAthlete);

0.990113 2013-11-26T09:36:12Z

    - Fix test failure on windows (\r\n -> \n) (TheAthlete)
    - Fix bug with html escaping (TheAthlete)

0.990112 2013-11-05T18:20:38Z

    - Fix support for caching of templates in __DATA__ section (TheAthlete)
    - Fix hashref interpolation inside filters (TheAthlete)


    - Fix dependency list (Keedi Kim)

0.990110 2013-10-16

0.990109 2013-08-08

0.990108 2013-04-22

0.990107 2012-09-26

0.990106 2012-08-27

0.990105 2012-08-27

0.990104 2010-10-14

0.990103 2010-05-02

0.990102 2010-02-08

0.990101 2009-12-26
    - first version released to CPAN