COSIMO / Text-Hunspell-2.08 / Changes

Revision history for Perl extension Text::Hunspell.

2.08    2013/05/01 23:22:35 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        Improved main POD documentation for
        Fixes RT#84964. Thanks to Paul Flo Williams for the patch.

2.07    2013/03/26 20:45:00 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        DEPRECATED the delete() method, and implemented proper
        object handles in the hunspell XS glue. Again, thanks to
        Paul Flo Williams for patch and test case. Closes RT#84054.

2.06    2013/03/09 11:39:28 Europe/Oslo (cosimo)

        Implemented new add_dic() function from hunspell API.
        Fixes RT#83765. Thanks to Paul Flo Williams for patch
        and test case.

2.05    2012/09/21 08:17:00    (cosimo)

        Fixed RT#79630 incorrect encoding of POD documentation.
        Thanks to Paul for the patch.

2.04    2012/09/20 23:05:00    (cosimo)

        Fixed t/02_pod.t test due to newest Test::Pod and
        missing =encoding directive. Thanks to SHLOMIF for
        the patch.

2.03    2011/06/24 11:12:00    (cosimo)

        Fixed use of "qw()" as parenthesis in inc/Devel/
        because deprecated in perl 5.14. Thanks to H. Merijn Brand
        for reporting.

2.02    2010/10/24 13:02:00    (cosimo)

        Added an explicit warning if the unversioned
        symlink or library is not found. Linking will almost certainly

2.01    2010/09                (cosimo)

        Fixed build/test problems

2.00    2010/09                (cosimo)

        Now cosimo at cpan dot org is a co-maintainer for Text::Hunspell.

        Added a dirty hack to work around some underlying changes in
        libhunspell that made the XS code unable to initialize any
        Hunspell object.

1.xx    Author and maintainer was ELEONORA

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