Text-Modify	v0.4	(2005-05-09, +rl)
- added support for wildcard searching/replace to Text::Buffer
- added support for wildcard searching/replace to Text::Modify
- implemeted basic find, findNext, findPrevious (needs tests)
- moved utility functions as class methods to Text::Buffer
  (escapeRegexString, convertStringToRegex, convertWildcardToRegex)
- added support for string/wildcard/regex differentiation to Text::Modify::Rule

Text-Modify	v0.3	(2005-03-02, +rl)
- completed Text:Buffer, methods and pod
- simplified Text::Modify::Rule and added pod
- commented out unused methods in Text::Modify, wrote basic pod for it
- improved tests and added pod-coverage to tests
- added support for Module::Build (Build.PL), which builds the Makefile.PL now (traditional)
- fixed license in README

Text-Modify	v0.2	(2005-02-25, +rl)
- completed navigation, set/get, replace functions of Text-Buffer
- nearly completed tests for Text::Buffer (search/find missing)
- rewrote tests for Text::Modify
- Text::Modify::Rule now uses Text::Buffer for easy editing
- all tests succeeded

Text-Modify	v0.1	(2005-01-27, +rl)
- initial upload to public repository (http://brabbel.net/svn/cpan/Text-Modify/)