Revision history for Text-NLP-Stanford-EntityExtract

0.07  Sat 4th Aug 2018
      - Move from Mouse to Moo
      - improve unicode handling; allow multiple lines to be processed thanks sdonley
0.06  Thu 25th Nov 2008
        - added debug flag to make identifying problems with server easier.

0.05   Wed 25th Nov 2008
         - Workaround server unicode issues with Text::Unidecode

0.04   Wed 25th Nov 2008
          - Fixed pod coverage failures

0.03   Wed 25th Nov 2008
         - README file and source control info added to docs

0.02    Wed 25th November 2008
          - Add some functions to make entity extraction a bit more useful.     

0.01    Tue 24th November 2008
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.