Revision history for Perl extension Text-Shoebox
                                        Time-stamp: "2004-04-03 21:47:55 ADT"

2004-04-03   Sean M. Burke
	* Version 1.02 -- some bugfixes, lots of new docs and tests

	The classes Text::Shoebox::Lexicon and Text::Shoebox::Entry now
	have complete documentation!

	There's also now a whole bunch of tests in t/*.t
	And in writing those, I turned up some errors in the previous
	versions -- so don't use anything before 1.02!

	Also, some doc typoes fixed in Text::Shoebox.
2004-03-24   Sean M. Burke
	* Version 1.01 -- no basic changes to Text::Shoebox, but adding a
	new interface.

	* Added the classes Text::Shoebox::Lexicon and
	Text::Shoebox::Entry.  Their documentation is incomplete, but I
	should fix that VERY SOON.

	* Corrected a few niggling doc typoes in Text::Shoebox

2001-05-27   Sean M. Burke

	* Version 0.22 -- just fixes some documentation typos found by
	Kean Kaufmann <>.

2000-09-05   Sean M. Burke
	* Version 0.21 -- Initial release.