CHANGES - Revision history for Text::Similarity

        Released June 26, 2013

        Version 0.09 did not fix the windows testing error that we thought
        was fixed in 0.09. We think it has been fixed now. :)

        Released January 22, 2013

        This release includes changes contributed by Myroslava Dzikovska
        that provide the full set of similarity scores programmatically. She
        modified the interface so that the getSimilarity function returns a
        pair ($score, %allScores) where %allScores is a hash of all possible
        scores that it computes. She made it so that in scalar context it
        will only return $score, so it is fully backwards compatible with
        the older versions. She also changed the printing to STDERR, to make
        it easier to use the code in filter scripts that depend on

        This release also inludes changes ontributed by Nathan Glen to allow
        test cases to pass on Windows. The single quote used previously
        caused arguments to the script not to be passed corrected, leading
        to test failures. The single quotes have been changed to double

        Released June 11, 2010 (all changes by YL)

        *   Changed the stoplist option. stoplist file can be one word per
            line or one word in the regular expression format per line, or
            the mix of these two formats.

        Released November 14, 2008 (all changes by TDP)

        *   Changed test case that was tripping up Windows. In Linux these
            are treated as being the same (when order doesn't matter) but
            this is not the case in Windows.

                    'sir winston churchill' 'winston churchill SIR!!!'

            The case has been changed to :

                    'sir winston churchill' 'winston churchill sir'

        Released April 5, 2008 (all changes by TDP)

        *   Added Dice coefficient to output. Dice is equivalent
            to F-measure, but formulated slightly differently so could be
            useful to catch errors.

        *   Modified Overlaps method to provide lesk text matching score,
            that is the sum of the squared lengths of all phrasal matches
            (optionally normalized by the product of the lengths of the
            strings). It provides both Raw lesk and lesk (the normalized
            form) when run in verbose mode.

        *   Reogranized some documentation to make it more clear that
            Overlaps is just one possible way of measuring similarity, and
            that other methods can and should be added.

        *   Renamed as the more natural and fitting

        Released April 4, 2008 (all changes by TDP)

        *   Made it possible for users to input strings directly via
   and getSimilarityStrings. Previously it was only
            possible to directly measure the similarity of files, but now
            strings can be measured.

        Released March 21, 2008 (all changes by TDP)

        *   Introduced tests for (t/text_compare.t) - added
            support for os neutral file reads via FILE::SPEC in this and
            other .t files.

        *   Introduced tests for getOverlaps (t/overlaps.t)

        *   Improved synopsis examples to show how to pass options via
            arguments in hashes

        *   Clarified that stemming and compounding are not currently
            supported disabled compfile option in

        *   Made file handling in text_compare more robust so that when a
            file does not exist an error message is given and failure is

        *   Changed method of passing constants in test cases from (eg.)
            "Text::Similarity::NORMALIZE" to "normalize" in order to support
            backwards compatability with perl 5.6.

        *   Introduce normalize and no-normalize tests for getSimilarity

        *   Fix Synopsis example not to use files in /t that
            are no longer available

        Released March 20, 2008 (all changes by TDP)

        *   fix divide by zero errors reported on cpan by cernst at
  , who also provided fix

        *   update test cases to improve coverage of partial matches and no

        *   update synopsis examples so they can be run via cut and paste

        *   improve README content to make it more descriptive

        *   introduce /doc directory for pod of INSTALL README and CHANGES

        *   introduce 'use constant' to support perl 5.6

        Released October 16, 2004, all changes by JM

        *   fixed overlap finding & added new module Text::OverlapFinder

        *   improved command-line interface

        *   improved documentation and help messages

        *   added support for a stoplist

        Released September 23, 2004, all changes by JM

        *   original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -b 5.6.0 -A
            -X Text::Similarity

     Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota, Duluth
     tpederse at

     Ying Liu, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
     liux0395 at

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