Revision history for Text-Todo

0.2.2  Sun Jan 25 21:17:25 PST 2015
       Corrected _parse_line to correctly match exports.
       Thanks to svetoslav.chingov [...]

0.2.1  Sat Dec 27 19:39:17 PST 2014
       Fixed RT Bug #101154 Thanks to svetoslav.chingov [...]
       Moved repo to

0.2.0  Mon Feb 15 18:06:02 2010
       Add the ability for an Entry to learn new tags instead of only in new()
       Make manage tags for the entries in its list now saves after you add an item

0.1.1  Thu Jan 21 18:26:42 2010
       No more List::Utils dependency, was silly. works again
       list.t now uses File::Spec->catfile (to fix Win32 failures)
       should build a new Makefile.PL so that should work.

0.1.0  Tue Jan 19 11:52:12 2010
       Fix BEGIN blocks in tests, Bug #53713
       Move to public CVS:
       Fix the required modules list
       make perlcritic happier with
       add more features to
       More work on the POD for everything
       Cleanup object on destruction
       Include a todo.cgi that will not be maintained, 
         it was the start of Text::Todo::REST::API

0.0.1  Sun Jan 10 19:57:01 2010
       Initial release.

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